Masternode (updating May take up to 15 minutes)

Expected behavior

—Masternodes would stay running all the time. Now cycle between running and updating.

Actual behavior

Operating system

  • [ ] Mac OSX
  • [* ] Windows 10
  • [ ] Windows 8/8.1
  • [ ] Linux Ubuntu 16.04
  • [ ] Linux Ubuntu 18.04
  • [ ] Linux Debian
  • [ ] Other UNIX/Linux distribution

Detailed reproduction steps

I have restarted my wallet and the masternodes multiple times and still get this cycling.
Then I went to diviscan to see if my nodes are functioning.
Sometimes they are and sometimes they can not be found.

But what I noticed is that the number of total masternodes on diviscan cycles between 850 and 1248. This also coincides with my nodes not being found with only 850 nodes and then cycling to updating.

I have done wallet updates, cleared cache, peer resets. I had it running on another computer, removed the VPN and the firewall. On the other computer, I connected to my verizon hot spot to make sure it wasn’t my router and the same thing happened.

One thing I did do was have the same wallet on my desktop and a laptop. Both mastenodes were on the desktop. Then one of the masternodes stopped. Not sure this is a factor.

But I am also wondering what is up with the network showing differing masternode numbers on diviscan in a cyclic fashion.

Joe Aiello

I check the DIVIscan periodically and it is now consistently 1258+ nodes and my masternodes are not updating intermittently any more.

Joe Aiello

Hello, have you been helped with this issue?

Please note that running your wallet on another machine could infact impact your masternode. Your masternode.conf on the original machine you deployed has all the info about the locked coins. If you don’t move it to the other machine, your wallet does not know the coins are locked. If you win a stake, it could dismantle your masternode.

You could get more help and info here(if you haven’t already):