Masternode: Paying but not sure if Masternode is live


I’ve set up a masternode a while back and on a monthly basis I see that the masternode fee is being deducted from creditcard, but somehow I don’t see any indication that I actually have a masternode [or get rewards] - all my divi seem to be still spendable.

I have moved my divi around a few times so not a 100% sure which of my addresses are used for the masternode.

However I was wondering if it is possible to pay for a masternode without actually having a masternode live? [as that might be the case for me]

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

This is community support and not active live support.

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It is probably pretty easy to figure out what you did. We can diagnose it happily.

Moving around doesn’t stop hosting so that may be the error - click the above link and we will investigate.