Masternode not started

Expected behavior

Should be running

Actual behavior

Not started

Operating system

  • [ ] Windows 10

Detailed reproduction steps

After setting up a copper MN on Divi Desktop all went well but the next day it says: not started. After I got a email I was directed here.
Could you help me out?

Hello, can you please click on the masternode “box” and provide me with the masternode address, as well as the IP address listed there?

Hello OriZ,
Thanks for your quick respons.

Hello, ok thank you, can you please try to go into the “debug console”(black box top right corner), you need to have advanced mode checked in settings in order to see it. Once there, type “startmasternode” followed by your masternode name. For example if your alias is OZ, type startmasternode oz, all lower case.

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Hello OriZ,
This was it, great. Now the node has started.
Thank you very much! :smile:

Awesome :wink: