Masternode failure

I have a Pecunia silver MN. 2 days ago it stopped working asking me it’s “awaiting remote activation”. This happened once before too. But this time when I opened my wallet to start the MN I get an error…“GetKey: DecryptHDChainSeed failed”. I have tried a lot of things to get this working and so far nothing. So I’m here asking for help.

I have tried to delete the masternode.conf file, then reinsert the MN line.
I have tried to clear all wallet cache.
I tried to Dismantle the MN.
I verified and refreshed the wallet.

Basically everything I can think of except for a complete reinstall of the wallet (Divi Windows Desktop version).

Assistance would be great.

Hi, that GetKey: DecryptHDChainSeed failed means you haven’t unlocked your wallet. Needs to be unlocked to start a Masternode.

Thank you. That was it. That’s not very good error handling imho.