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—Receiving a text message from the “Cloud” server running my Master Node if the Master Node stops running is of high importance to me.

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I have seen this option with a former “Cloud” server service, and it is a quick way for me to know I need to take action to get the Node back up and running. I do not have access to monitor my email constantly but I do have constant phone text messaging. I see this as important because it’s in our community’s best interest to keep my Master Node running all of the time. Anyone think this could be helpful?

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There is already a feature in MOCCI and has been in place for a while. However, we are in the process of a major change to MOCCI and the entire network so some feature are in flux but will be back soon.

I do like your idea of text alerts too because email is what it was using…

Good Idea ill make sure to mention it to core teams