Mass Adoption Strategy: Divi/crypto as bonus points


Hello Divi Hodlers.

I just got an idea.

I was reading an article about crypto adoption…and got an idea for phasing in crypto into daily usage.

To make the 99% go from fiat to crypto may take longer than we did like.

It will come in phases as we already see.

To speed this up the crypto space could use the strategy to start using crypto as a secondary currency to fiat to build trust.

To make adoption go faster it hit me crypto could be used as bonus points/a secondary currency you earn when buying daily goods.

This would 1. Introduce crypto to the 99% because everybody will have some Divi in a wallet on their mobile. So they are “exposed to crypto” . 2. Gains trust in crypto by learning what it is so it won’t feel alien and dangerous any more 3. Let them get used to the volatility and learn it won’t “crash”. 4. They will ultimately be ready to take the next step and invest in crypto currency as a store of value ( savings ) or for daily use in speed with the growing use cases/merchants who take crypto as means of payment.

But the road to crypto everyday usage and merchant adoption in a serious way to take over or be equal spendable as fiat is through phases/steps and getting crypto into as part of a bonus program would be a perfect way to get crypto to the masses in a serious way! Next step would be crypto on equal feet with fiat and then fiat as a secondary currency worldwide in maybe 25-50 years. Or if all fiat crashes with the Dollar/Yen/Euro/Ruble it will happen before that. Maybe the gold standard comes back but won’t be a serious threat to crypto. Even the gold standard in fiat will be centralized and controlled by governments and banks and will be an inferior means of money.

The challenge is to find stores/chains who want to be part of this. But it is possible, but will take some work. I assume it will pro crypto businesses that would be willing to use this crypto bonus points system as a stepping stone to 100% crypto payments. Thinking like 1-2% in Divi as bonus points. Not much but enough to build trust. And it can 10x and 100x haha. Now we get into greed, fomo and gambling tricking the mind for more. But I would say it is positive to gamble buying Divi. I my self is guilty of this. For the best of the world and my self as wholehearted investor.

I wish you a good day :sunny:



I know I’am not the first to come with this kind of idea.

It reminds me of “Dashback” but there you pay 100% in dash and get a discount in Dash back into your wallet. Sponsored by the Dash foundation.

The idea is not new, but the dept of the strategy and why it is genious and will speed up adoption years if executed correctly I have not seen any where.

To move the 99% from fiat to something as alien as crypto “the criminal money” I’am afraid needs to be taken in baby steps. Also because of the crazy volatility compared to fiat/gold/silver.

This would be the first baby step for the 99% into the world of crypto and Divi.

We all had to get used to the crazy volatility. And we are serious investors/speculator/traders here I assume. Some of us with ice in the stomach. The 99% are pussies compared to us. They piss their pants and sell when they see a 10%+ dip.

Took me like 6-8 months to get used to this volatility and the crypto cyclus/life circle. And build a deep understanding of the space.


Either we learn the masses to cope with the volatility both the good and the bad side of it. Or we have to wait 5-10 years for the crypto space to “hopefully” become stable enough that the 99% dare to use it for daily usage.
(will never become anything like fiat stable, at best like gold I imagen)

Gold also has bullruns and bear markets, but they are so “slow” that you do not notice it from day to day and the volatility in gold is not life changing.

(Johnny401View) #4

I prefer the Maker/Dai relationship (similar to BitShares BitUSD which maked sense since some of the same folks).

Dai is generated as the stablecoin based on collateral locked in Maker.

In other words, as I’ve been saying for the last 6 years, I don’t believe products outside of possibly Bitcoin has any chance of behaving like a currency.