Manual Swap Help

(Axel) #1

Hi, I’ve been waiting for 1.5 months now since I first applied for the manual swap. After about 2 weeks of no response I’ve been interspersedly reaching out for a follow-up via various avenues but this kept being met with silence and even getting kicked out of the Telegram channel for no reason; it seems like I upset Edwina somehow but I see no clear reason how. Could anyone from the Divi team help me get this solved?

Thank you and kind regards,
Axel Evertse

(Baldy) #2

I was there for the entire time you were harassing Edwina and the Divi folks. You were absolutely not kicked out of the telegram for no reason. You were not polite and you certainly were not taking responsibility for your failure to pay attention to the projects you put your money into. Whose job is it to keep up on the projects you funded? It’s your job. You waited until a month after the end of the swap, used up all the grace period and then expect the entire project to operate around you.

I personally spent time with you after your were extremely disrectful to Edwina. You didn’t even have the wallet downloaded.

Anyway, I wish you well. I think you should go with “learning experience” for this episode and move on.

(TheVoice) #3

Axel, Hi there!

The team has taken care of everyone that passed KYC and followed through by sending in the verifiable sets of information and the corresponding DIVX within the deadline

Issues that prevented claims
Not Passing KYC or missing the deadline
Data sent not verifiable, not complete, sent multiple times, and or multiple claims for same DIVX.
Any of these sets that caused one to miss the deadline could have been the reason?"
That doesn’t resolve your issues of course.

(Axel) #4

Hi guys, thank you very much for replying.

@ TheVoice. I applied for for the manual swap shortly after the cryptopia hack, (applied on 21 jan), had all the KYC and everything done at 11 of Jan. At the time of applying for the manual swap I sent an email to support but forgot to also add in the new Divi address,which I sent over in a separate email 2 minutes later and quoting the first email. 3 days later (24 jan) I got an email from Edwina only responding to my first email that my new Divi address was missing. I replied that I had sent it over in a separate email the same day and included the information again in this email.

Thinking I did all that needed to be done for the manual swap I waited for it to be processed. I politely followed up by email on the 3rd of Feb with no reply. Then I messaged Edwina on the 19th of Feb on Telegram after still it hadn’t been processed. Somewhere in-between those two dates I had some issues with the Divi desktop app which I couldn’t connect to anymore after updating, which is what Shandor seems to be referring to, and thus I couldn’t see if the swap had finally been procesed, which by the way got resolved very smoothly thanks to suggestions of the Divi team.

The only thing that was possibly disrespectful was an email to Edwina all the way at the end (22 feb) trying to alleviate the tensions with some risky humor to make clear that I don’t take it personally whatever Edwina may be holding against me. That was on the same day and after I asked in the Divi telegram support channel if anyone could help me about getting the swap completed because Edwina didn’t respond on email nor through direct message on Telegram. I literally got kicked off the channel before anyone even got the chance to reply, and same when I moved it to the general Divi channel to ask what was going on. Hence now I finding a way to contact someone else from Divi other than Edwina through this forum. Literally the only thing I have heard from Edwina was the KYC approval on 11 jan and the email on 24th of Jan that said I hadn’t included my new Divi address.

@Shandor. What you’re sharing really does not match with my reality of how this went down but I don’t think it’ll help much if we enter a discussion about it. I really wonder in what way I have been disrespectful to or harrassing to Edwina. I can send screenshots of my emails and messages to anyone of Divi that’s not biased, as evidence I have not been disrespectful or harassing Edwina or anyone in Divi for that matter.

Thank you for your time and I hope we can finally get this resolved. From my perspective this is all just completely unnecessary hassle.

(Axel) #5

Well, apparently the deadline hasn’t passed yet but it’s coming soon. Could we finally get this resolved?

Thank you and kind regards,