Introduction to the Community

I heard about the DIVI project on The Bad Crypto Podcast. After a bit of research I have decided to buy 1 BTC worth of DIVI and start a masternode.

Well after making the transfer to Crex24 it turns out that I will now be the proud owner of one gold and one silver masternode with a bit of DIVI left to stake as well! Right now, I am just waiting on the maintenance at Crex24 to finish up so I can move my funds to my wallet to begin the one click masternode setup.

I am very excited to become a member of this community and hope to see it grow.


Welcome to the Divi forums :smile:


Welcome to DIVI! I hope you can get your masternode up and running in no time :smile:


Welcome cobra! My not so long time at the divi community has been my best days in crypto, u gonna love to be a part of this amazing project.

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Hi Cobra,

I also listen to Joel & Travis from the bad crypto podcast.
I’m in a similar situation as you were, albeit a few months later.
I’m wondering how your Crex24 experience was, as I have only used the bigger exchanges
to date ? Has the master node set up been easy ?



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The Crex24 experience was ok. I have had better and I have had worse. What’s great is now we are listed on quite a few more exchanges.

The masternode setup was amazing. Absolutely amazing. It is the easiest thing you can do in crypto. Seriously.



Hello! My name is Dimitar and I was impressed by the DIVI.
I found you in CREX24 and downloaded the application to my computer.
Would you mind me, what should I do first?
I’m basically HODL, but it’s interesting to me.
Thank you !

Hi Dimitar, welcome to Divi

I highly recommend you come join us over in the telegram chatroom