Info - How to run a Divi masternode on Ubuntu using Vultr as VPS


Hey guys I wrote a guide on how you can set up your own Divi Masternode running on Ubuntu, you can find it here:

Hope this helps, should work also for Digital Ocean.

(~ Node of the Realm ~) #2

Are those not the testnet seednodes you have in your guide? I don’t think you need seednodes added to your config any more. @nicksaponaro, can you confirm this also. I no longer have seed nodes in my divi.conf


I took that information from here, the fixed seed nodes:

(~ Node of the Realm ~) #4

Pretty sure they are not required at all. There is a dns seed built into it already… @nicksaponaro will probably confirm soon and if so remove it from the wiki. All my cli deployed manual setups do not use them


Oh well it doesn’t really matter whether they are in there or not. The node will connect to other ip’s and those fixed seednodes will be ignored when they do not exist anymore.

(BlockFather) #6

Yep @Giff is right, it’s not needed anymore, I’ve just checked my config, you can remove it from the guide :+1:

(Nick Saponaro) #9


OVH has much cheaper VPS nodes. Same as Vultr for about $7 a month vs Vultr which is $10 and has half the ram.

Vultr has a prettier interface but why pay $60-$80 more a year for less resources just for a quick MN setup?