I own it, lemme send it

(Baldy) #1

So here is my situation, you can multiply the amounts but 100,1000, or 10000x, it shouldn’t matter.

I have a wallet with 100 divi in it. I send out 1 divi txs 95 times. The original 100 div was in there for weeks. I can send this out with no problem at all. I can send them out as fast as I want. Heck I can use the console and really shoot them out 1 every 4 seconds.

Now I get low in my funds. So I put in another 100 divi from another wallet. Now however, when I send each 1 divi out, if I try a second time, I am told I have insufficient funds despite the injection of 100 divi having over 12 confirmations. now if I want to send out one hundred 1 divi transactions, I have to wait 1-200 minutes as I wait for funds to become spendable.

Yes, my wallet was unlocked.

This shouldn’t happen. Its very annoying. Either lose the limitation, or create a method by which “spendmany” works or something