Hi from a fresh new masternode owner!

(Jamie) #1

Hi all,

I only just bought enough Divi to start a copper Masternode. And so for the process seems very smooth.
I try to write a review about anything crypto once a week (platforms, dapps, crypto’s etc.), and the concept of a one-click-masternode seemed very interesting.
I will do some more research and will let you know when the review is done and where to find it!

If you would like to connect:
https://twitter.com/BullishOnCrypts (i know the name isn’t the best, but it was made during the 2017 hype and all haha)

Any questions? Let me know!


(OriZ) #2


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Welcome to the forum

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Welcome. We are in the same boat. I just purchased some DIVI to start a masternode as well!

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