HELP - can I recover my old wallet on new PC ?

Hello everyone. Can I recover my wallet with some DIVI on it using only my seeds? I installed it on the new pc ,synchronized the new wallet first and then under “security” I filled my recovery seeds -but never was able to get back the old wallet-just keep syncing for hours more than 1 000 000 blocks.Am I missing something? Thank You for your help!

You can recover in an emergency situation.

But seed restore is not meant for migration.

The best process is to migrate from the old PC to the new PC.

If you tell me your operating system (windows, osx, linux) I will post the migration method for you and then you will be setup to go.

Sync is an entirely different issue. You may have something blocking you from downloading if you don’t see any progress. If you are progressing then allow it to complete.

Things to review on new installs are firewalls and antivirus. Do you have either?

If you need live (nearly 24/7) support you can visit us on Telegram and we might be able to diagnose you at the moment.

Divi Support (Official)

Hello, I have a virus on my old laptop so I also wanted to recover my wallet on my new laptop.
But I keep on seeing ‘Wallet recovery: restarting daemon’ but nothing happens…
What can I do?
Thank you for your help!
Btw, I’m not good in these things :frowning: