Grow Your DIVI, Grow Your Income


Have you ever dreamed of making money with little or no effort put in place? Definitely, this has been the wish of countless people around the globe. Many people like the idea of passive income but the problem is with what avenue to venture for this passive income. In as much as people want to earn passive income, very few people put measures in place to achieve this. Well, it is very possible to say goodbye to this passive income uncertainty because DIVI is the solution. DIVI masternode and staking is the contemporary secured source of passive income for everyone.

DIVI is a cryptocurrency that utilizes the Proof of Stake mechanism with the main aim of making cryptocurrency easy for everyone hence ensuring mass adoption through its user-friendly and one-click approaches. With its scalable, cheap, fast transactions, secured, and safe for newbies features, DIVI can be considered as a currency that can be used on a day-to-day transaction.

What makes DIVI masternode outstanding from the rest is its 5 tier masternodes which allows people from different income levels to own one. With the help of its Masternode One-Click Cloud Installer (MOCCI), setting up the DIVI masternode is easier than ABC which even the common man can perform.

Unlike other masternodes promises huge ROI, DIVI masternode promises not just huge ROI numbers but real value.

Below is a table showing the 5 tier DIVI masternode, the amount of DIVI required to deploy, and the chances of earning DIVI (%).

Masternode Tier Required Amount Chance of earning

Copper Masternode 100,000 DIVI

Silver Masternode 300,000 DIVI 5%

Gold Masternode 1,000,000 DIVI 10%

Platinum Masternode 3,000,000 DIVI 15%

Diamond Masternode 10,000,000 DIVI 20%

The link below shows the estimated daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly returns from the various tiers of the DIVI Masternode (

For the staking, a minimum amount of 10,000 DIVI is required to start. Get to earn monthly returns from the staking without any difficulties and risks. Follow these steps and start staking your DIVI;

  1. Buy your 10k DIVI from Bitrue exchange

  2. Download your DIVI desktop wallet (link)

  3. Sync it to the network

  4. Load your desktop wallet with the 10K DIVI

  5. Switch on the staking button and start enjoying some monthly cool rewards

For further information on DIVI, join Meet the entire community, socialize, learn, and earn more.


DIVI has made crypto easy for Africans. Most of my friends like the idea and are fully participating in the DIVI Ghana group.


This is an awesome write, keep it up mate


I’m growing my income with Divi masternode


DIVI’s growth is truly exciting. It’s nice to wake up every morning and check wallet balance!


Couldn’t be happier with $divi, it just keeps getting better and better. I love staking and having nothing to do but have my wallet open! Thanks!!

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What if you have 11K in Divi in your Desktop Wallet in not receiving any rewards? What do you do?

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That could possibly mean your wallet was not staking. For your DIVI Desktop wallet to start staking after loading it with the minimum of 10K, the wallet must be left online 24/7 for a period of about 30 days. Contact DIVI Support for more detailed explanation to this.

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