Funds seem not available anymore in Divi desktop wallet

Expected behavior

–In my overview my funds ( 1 silver mn & about 10.000 Divi) should be shown in the overview, allocated and spendable-

Actual behavior

—Funds are not showing and the 300.000 Divi for my mn show ‘send’. Also the mn is down and not showing.

Operating system

  • [ ] Mac OSX

Detailed reproduction steps

Enabled a coppernode some 10+ days ago, disabled it some 5 days ago and enabled a silver node same day. All worked out just fine, received my rewards and was a happy man :smile: 3 days ago I enabled the staking mode to join the lottery, I had little more than 10.000 Divi spendable. Yesterday I suffered a powercut at home and after restarting the computer none of my funds were showing anymore in my overview.

I’m not really sure I understand what you mean by they show “send”…also not sure what you mean by mn is down and not showing. Can you attach a screenshot?

I am guessing you are just out of sync but would still like to learn a little more.

Hi OriZ, indeed, it seems that I’m going out of sync on a regular base. Like everyday actually. So I’m running a mn and I’m also staking my 10.000+ coins I have spendable. I’m running my computer 24/7 with a VPN connection. Seems the VPN gets disconnected from the internet on a regular base and then I have to shut down the computer and reconnect the VPN again and restart the divi desktop. Sometimes the mn is up and running after this process, but most of the time I have to ‘clear cache’ . Q: should I keep my VPN disabled and is that save, cause I like to stake the coins that are spendable, like to make a little chance in the lottery as well! Sure i have my firewall up for security, is that a problem? And do my staking coins start maturing all over again after my internet connection is lost? How can I save my wallet.dat cause I don’t know if it"s done. And how can I do this? I cannot find it on my computer. Greetz

So when you use a VPN that causes alot of connection issues, especially if it makes your connection drop or you need to restart your computer. This should have no effect on your masternode, even if it shows “not started” it is because you are not synced and the best way to make sure it’s running is to actually check either on diviscan, or use tipbot in our telegram channel, or give it a bit till you see it change back to started. You can also sign up for emails in settings.

Your coins do not need to mature again after a connection issue, only if they’re moved…I would definitely recommend keeping your VPN off if you want to reliably stake on this device though.

You can actually go into settings and use the Export Wallet feature in order to save your wallet.dat in another place on your computer. However, my recommendation would be to not just leave it there but back it up to an external device.