Fiat conversion



It was hard to decide whether to lump this topic into governance, promotion or features.
It is a bit of each; I decided to post it here, since govenance is the main issue.

In order for us to introduce DIVI to the casual user, the user needs a fast and easy way to acquire DIVI. This is the major hurdle to overcome before it really takes off. I cannot start advertising DIVI as the easiest and fastest PayWay (This sounds like a nice name for an app) when first I’ll need to tell them to register on crypto exchange and teach them how to trade;

We need an inbuilt option to turn fiat into DIVI with one or two clicks if Diviproject is to become the PayPal of the future.

I am well aware this can be tricky. For legal as well other reasons. Fiat currency is still !THE! currency which is regulated by governments and controlled by banks. No fooling around is allowed. Some countries consider cryptocurrency a curreency. Others don’t. Some banks flat out refuse to trade with crypto exchanges.

First step to achieve the goal stated in the topic description, could be to make some good deals with and existing exchange like bitbay. Like the agreement between nicehash and coinbase to facilitate the exchange for our users and for example give them free transfers.

(OriZ) #2

To my knowledge, one of Divi’s main missions actively pursued is easy purchase options. It will come, it will just take time.

(Ken) #3

I think, the secret is getting onside with the banks. The weak link for the standard banking system will be the smaller banks, the larger banks will (in my opinion) stand against crypto for as long as possible because it is a competitor, the smaller banks will die unless they move with the times, and move quickly… They are the ones to search for and as most banks will transfer to the smaller banks, you only need one. One per country. Then you can announce that you are IN THAT COUNTRY…


Then why not Begin with one respectable bank, in a country which is crypto-friendly and unlikely to make trouble, or introduce harmful regulation, per major monetary or trade zone. A bank which is doing business with at least one respectable, dependable cryptocurrency exchange. If it’s in the EU, there we go. We are in the EU.


You don’t have to live in the country to own an account. A Credit Card is a credit card. I own accounts in different banks. In different countries, Although Im no millionaire.

And since Credit Card payments for hosting are coming, could DIVI project enable purchasing DIVI via Credit Card? If DIVI is just a little more expensive at Diviproject than on the exchanges, like 5%, the casual user looking for fast & easy transaction, wouldn’t even notice the difference. And there will be inflow of cash into DIVI Project. You could then even accumulate MORE DIVI, even as you keep selling them, like every clever grabber* does :wink: AND make the DIVI market price increase at the same time. Also you could launch promotions like banks do to promote deposits. Buy 100$ worth of DIVI get one month Masternode hosting free.

*A grabber is a holder who actively works to multiply his assets in one or more currency either through purchase or speculation. I really dunno if it’s a commonly used term. Ive made it up for my own personal use :slight_smile: