Episode 22 - Discussion with Divi Project by DARC


So many people who claim they follow every Divi platform fail to somehow stay informed.

So here I share a world-class interview with our beloved CEO @geoff.

The man who dedicate his full time to ensuring the success of Divi by using his skills, experience, and brainpower to predict the future. Counter the obstacles that lie ahead and figure out how to get ahead in the game of Mass Adoption!

PS: we need a subforum only for Divi interviews and articles. Why? To make it easier for people to stay informed. To eliminate excuses. Bringing the water to the horse so to say.

Nothing can be too easy in the world we live in today. The easier, the better. The 95% think by nature that easy is better.

But the wise and intelligent know that “easy” often comes with a backside/drawback.


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