Enter your best Masternode deployment quotes to be seen in the official Divi wallet!

(Nick Saponaro) #1

The MOCCI (Masternode One-Click Cloud Installer) takes all of the stress and need for technical know-how out of the equation when setting up a new Masternode. The window that displays while the Masternode installation is processing looks like this:

As you can see, it “counts down” from 15 confirmations. The screenshot above has 9 confirmations left. Since this “countdown” process does take about 15 minutes, we think it would be fun to have some quotes from the community display to keep things interesting while the user waits.

Enter your favorite quotes and quips as comments to this thread and yours may just make it into the final release!

(Sam L.) #2

You trusted in us to make the best CryptoCurrency known to man, now just wait a short while longer for MOCCI to do all the work in setting up a MasterNode on your computer. Maybe go make some coffee and come back. :+1:t2::blush:

  1. think mocci, eat mochi

  2. “divi, divi, divi, can’t you see. Sometimes you gotta just hypnotize me.”

  3. Did you know that --divi hq defines this–?

  4. mathematical expression for how divi/divi = divi

  5. how about ‘name your mn’ and ‘choose an avatar’

(Baldy) #4

Not a quote: a comment. Please make that screen WAY more friendly. Animations, some simple Divi inspired colors and graphics. Something that looks like someone achieving a goal with 15 steps…something that makes the 1 step process more friendly. Hopefully the quotes you are asking for are large and fly by or fade in and out or something. I have always thought divi should be fun to use.

We may be late, but we are still great! (I’m totally kidding on that one)

  1. Mocci are a delight to all, but MOCCI is a delight to install!

  2. In just a few minutes, you will have the most advanced and powerful blockchain at your fingertips. Divi is fast and easy to use. Divi Masternodes? Well, let’s just say that we expect to be copied.

  3. Quick and simple cash, integrated governance, the earning potential of masternodes that accommodate you finances, DiviNation brings you everything.

  4. Cash, your way.
    Income, your way.
    Usage, your way.

Ok, well thats what I got. I don’t care if you like some of these and want to modify them.

(Nick Saponaro) #5

Great feedback so far! Would love to see more :smiley:

(Iron Man) #6

For the last step, while you are waiting for confirmations it would be fun to see an avatar eating Divi coins.
Like PacMan eating Divi coins as a progress bar xD

(Iron Man) #7
  1. Rocket as reached Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

  2. Introducing fuel

  3. Take place in your seat, drink some water, say bye to your beloved Earth.

  4. Almost done, are you ready to feel like Neil Armstrong ?

And now you see the funny Avatar eating some Divi coins.
When everything is complete you see :rocket: going up and disappear at the top of the screen.
When the rocket disappeared you got the message : ‘Dear Divier, successful landing !’


“The Journey to a thousand Divi begins with one click”. Warrior King


1# "Gold and Silver is the currency of the past, Fiat is the currency of the Banks & Governments, Divi is the currency of the People"

“Divi” could be swapped with “Crypto” Or

“Divi is the currency of the People” With

“Crypto is the currency of the Future”

2# "Crypto is the Future Gold and Silver"

3# "First came Gold & Silver, then Fiat, then Crypto"

4# "In Crypto we Trust"

Great Idea Nick!

To display motivational quotes welcoming the person to the Evolution & Revolution of money & Divi !

Remember to give credit to the author of the quote on the loading screen.


It would be perfect if only displayed to those who never sold and bought back after main net launch :sunny:

And has been hodling for months.

Maybe with a edit.

"Welcome to The Divi Project! We are happy to have you ond board! Now just wait a short while longer for MOCCI to do all the work in setting up a MasterNode on your computer. Maybe go make some coffee and come back.


My favourite quote.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

Can be followed up with one of the above statements about DIVI, the team and the community making a change in the crypto world.


I’am thinking that if there is 9 steps a new sentence could pop up every time a step reaches 50% or just every 30 sek, or one sentence every step so 9 in total only.

  • To Divi, or not to Divi, that is the question
  • Get busy staking or get busy winning lottery’s.
  • One does not simply run a Masternode, or do they now?
  • He that falls in love with Divi, will have no rivals
  • Let us always meet each other with Divi, for Divi is the beginning of love.


Funny you also came up with that one.

I also thought of that one but did not write it.

I will regret not writing it if it gets picked. :joy:

(Iron Man) #15

« If you want to be happy, Divi. »


If it gets picked, will you send me divi? I want to win something :stuck_out_tongue:

(Johnny401View) #17

You win our appreciation. :slight_smile:


First please add a nice spinning divi logo to show the window hasn’t frozen!
It may also be an idea to have a Divi logo filling up slowly to 100% Pictures speak louder than words.


You win the honor of your quote being seen by thousands or millions.


I like those ideas.