DVS - Dynamic Value Sporks

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We finished coding today a new technology that’s part of Divi’s advanced governance system. DVS, an acronym for “Dynamic Value Sporks” we think will be unique to Divi’s blockchain.

Sporks normally work in a binary way. On/off. So whoever builds the blockchain needs to pick pre-determined values and then, using a special private key, can turn these features or values on and off. This is a form of centralized control, and is very limited. Dash has some controversy over a rumored master-key that can reset the blockchain, controlled by the founder: https://ethereumworldnews.com/dash-cryptocurrency-secret-master-private-key-truth

Divi’s novel solution allows for any value to be set with a spork (for the features that have potential spork values coded.) It does this with a new type of mini database system that keeps track of all the previous spork values for any given range of blocks. This is necessary for a blockchain client to be able to read and understand the data on the blockchain and sync with it.

At first, the Divi team will be the only ones who can activate the sporks. Later, these values will be part of Divi’s governance system, and will update the blockchain on-the-fly by popular vote. This voting system hasn’t been built yet, but we needed to include these sporks in the blockchain now before launch.

The sporks currently coded into Divi’s blockchain are for:

  1. Block award amount (starting at 1250 DIVI per block.)
  2. Percentage distribution of block awards between masternodes, stakers, treasury, and charity.
  3. Transaction Fee algorithm values (4 variables related to transaction value and size can be changed via sporks… to be explained later.)
  4. Lottery Block minimum stake for participation.

It’s our intention to build into Divi the world’s most advanced governance system, and set it free, to be fully controlled by the community over several stages. This is just one of the ways that we’re doing this.

Also, we’re open to a new acronym for DVS, so we’d love to hear your suggestions if you can think of something catchier.



I like this, keep the good work!

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Please create a blog entry.


This sounds awesome. I am loving this project. Giving power to the community is the way forward but not until the major roadblocks have been removed. Two thumbs up.


Cool. Keep up the good work.

There are many rumors about Dash.

It used to be named “Darkcoin”

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More details are now available in the full article about DVS that I just published: https://blog.diviproject.org/new-tech-dvs-dynamic-value-sporks/