Diviscan improvements

(Baldy) #1

It seems division is a useful tool but it needs some work to be really useful!

Here are some things I would like to see in it. What would you like to add?

  1. date-time of transaction for wallet transactions, stakes and node rewards
  2. staking income (nodes show stakes being generated, wallets don’t show them being received in diviscan)
  3. when I put a wallet address in I expect to see wallet to wallet transactions, as well as node rewards, and stakes. Really a wallet is a few wallets and rewards may not show up in the main wallet address, but in “crypto made easy” people shouldn’t need to know that. with named wallets, this is critical to combine the income in diviscan
  4. show masternode funding (I should be able to use division to know everything I need to know about a wallet activity without being in the wallet.

(Z) #2
  1. larger list on front page (maybe 50 blocks), there is too much space for each block’s little bit of shown information.
    1a. add block date and time
  2. be able to search Address/hash/tx from front page
  3. make list of masternodes default to 100
  4. make sort categories (Tx value) in address pages sort by amount NOT by first digit
  5. Sort list of Mastenodes by tier 1-5 instead of alphabetical (copper, silver, gold, plat, diamond)
  6. Ability to Sort by address received MN reward or Staking reward. (this would give the ability to quickly view where MN rewards and staking rewards are going)
  7. At top of Masternode page, list how many in each of the 5 tiers are running currently. this would make it easy for new users to fill in the calculator on their own.
  8. in address pages, have ability to sort category for rewards MN/Staking separate from other transactions