DIVIs multiplying like rabbits


Ive noticed that the total amount of DIVI is increasing so fast, that the percentage of DIVI i hold in relation to the total supply of DIVI coins in existance is actually DECREASING. Despite the fact that Ive been keeping all my DIVI masternoded or staked at all time*. I wonder how is this possible unless the big majority of all DIVI is permanently Masternoded so that the gigantic Masternodes with +15%, +20% bonus might skew the overall growth rate by boosting it in favour of the rich. But there was me thinking that only about half of the total DIVI supply in existance was Masternoded. And the data avialble on websites such as masternodes.online seems to support it… .


Let’s do a very rough estimate. I’ve got X amount of DIVI. And I am putting every single of my DIVIs back to work in order to mint more DIVI. Suppose the basic DIVI growth rate in Masternodes is 70%. Now, if half of the total DIVI supply is locked in masternodes, and if all the Masternodes except mine are Diamond Mastenodes (let’s be generous) they would generate +20%. 70%+14%=84%. However, since, unlike my Wallet, only half of the total DIVI supply is being used to generate fresh new coins, 84% divided by 2 lives us with 42%. Therefore, even if I’m poor, and all I’ve got is copper Masternodes, without bonus, I should still be getting significantly higher growth rate than the ecosystem’s average.

What element(s) did I miss and/or get wrong?

(OriZ) #3

New coins generated have nothing to do with how many masternodes are in the ecosystem.


Does that mean the number and size of masternodes dertermins how large a share the owner gets?


And consequently, the less nodes and stakes there are, the better my chances to win the lottery?