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Mr D Question?

Can someone assist me with understanding the inflationary aspects of Divi? Divi doesn’t have a finite supply of coins so how is inflation managed now and in the future?

Mr O answers?

Inflation will start dropping about 10 months from now, 100 coins per block each year thereafter. Governance will be able to change it and drop it faster or slower. You can check out the table on my sheet which shows the coins minted each year and how it affects supply and market cap(as well as rewards of course )Also tx fees are burned in order to slow it down a bit further.

Mr D:

So next question. How do I understand and monitor the status of the decentralizationability of Divi (I think I just made up a new word)?

Mr J:

Hey D,

In a PoS system every minute a staking wallet is gathering all the transfers and putting them onto the next block and all the other staking wallets are validating if consensus rules are being followed.

A block is minted appproximately each minute and a wallet is receiving 456 divi for the work.

You are putting your coins at stake and the more coins you are staking the higher chance you have of being the minter of the next block.

In PoW you risk burning electricity if you try to cheat the system - in a PoS you risk the coins you are staking.

It is hard to measure how many people are staking but we know excactly how many masternodes are supporting the network and what tiers,


Hi all good people here on this DIVI community. A friend recommended the DIVI Platform and the Masternode & Staking system. I have read the Whitepaper [very informative] looks like it has a lot of potential and really promising indeed.


Welcome D! We are all very excited about Divi…we will have up and downs, but long term is up strongly


Make sure to read through the blog as well https://blog.diviproject.org/


Thanks @F and @B , Yes, I have loads to read up on…I’ve been reading & researching since 6am yesterday haha :ok_hand: :slight_smile: :+1:

Mr B:

few more hours and there will be another blog post. Nick is a gun when it comes to keeping the community informed and up to date with the latest


Honest and transparently…that is why i love this project


best advice for divi is take a long term approach and give them time to build. its a slow process but they consistently deliver and the best is yet to come


It has Long Term value, that’s the way I’m looking at it. Staking and holding these coins on this good platform and hlep support and build it up & up.