Divi Weekly Update is back - 12 July 2019 - Dev Update, Desktop Wallet and Trezor/Trust Integration

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It’s good to be back this week after two national independence days (Belarus, U.S.) took us out of the office last week. The entire time is back in full force so let’s take a look at what’s been going on at Divi and what’s to come.

Development update

Over the past couple of months we have been searching high and low for the best talent to join the organization.

As such, we are prepared to announce the arrival of a new team member who has just been officially onboarded.

Germán Luna Patiarroy joins the team


Germán Luna Patiarroy is a Mathematician and Software Developer with a love for innovation and creating application-specific algorithmic solutions that leverage expert knowledge. Having obtained a MSc degree in Pure Mathematics from the University of Calgary, Germán has C++ Software Developer at both Lockheed Martin CDL Systems and Geometric Energy Corporation working to develop computer vision and light transport modeling software and delivering value on every agile iteration.

Germán will be tackling some of the most difficult mathematical questions facing Divi including reward ratio between masternode tiers, the infamous lottery block, and inflation, as well as assisting the blockchain development efforts moving forward.

As we expand the Divi development team, users can expect more frequent updates to their favorite Divi apps and services.

Desktop update imminent

Users can expect a new version of Divi Desktop at next week that includes some new features and improvements.

Blockchain Primer
The Blockchain Primer cuts sync times for far out of sync wallets down to just a few minutes.

MOCCI monitoring (BETA)
The MOCCI monitoring service is a beta product that we are bringing to the community to do some public testing on. Enter your email into the new Divi Desktop User Settings panel and you will be notified any time your node goes down.

This email itself is not stored in a central database but instead attached to your wallet itself and stored as an encrypted hash in the database. We will never know your individual email nor will we use the email address for marketing purposes.

Two-Factor Authentication
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an important security best practice that has quickly become a standard among most industries. We take the security of our users seriously, and for that reason we have made the implementation of 2FA a priority in this upcoming version.

Trezor and Trust Wallet Integration

To make DIVI safer and more accessible, we’re working hard on integrating with popular cryptocurrency wallets. Today we submitted a pull request to the open-source Blockbook project, the back-end that powers the Trezor hardware wallet and soon-to-be Trustmobile wallet. Trust is the official cryptocurrency wallet of Binance, and Blockbook integration is also a stepping stone to integrating Divi with the open-source Open Bazzar decentralized marketplace.

Although we have been working on this project for nearly two weeks, it’s still just the first step towards Trezor, Trust, and Open Bazaar integration. The Blockbook team will need to accept our pull request and then further work must be done. After that, we may need our community’s help to push the teams on these projects to add Divi to their front end clients.

Work on this project is being done by Divi fan James Scaur, who is also developing a project we love called SatSearch, a “Block Explorers Made Easy” solution that we think is an essential step towards the inevitable march toward the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Watch a short presentation by James here. You can sign up for the SatSearch Telegram group here.


Our partnership with the Bad Crypto Podcast has been wonderfully fruitful, and our latest spot can be heard on their episode with Paul Puey, who is local to my area in San Diego and heads up Edge Wallet.

Masternode Buzz featured Divi as one of their top ten best performing masternodes of the week.

Altcoin Magazine interviewed Divi CEO, Geoff McCabe on their Medium blog.

Garner Insights feautured Divi among Coinbase, Bancor, and Shapeshift in their annual report.


Excelente ya voy directo a checar las actualizaciones


a week full of many good news


Muy bien , excelente actualizacion


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I am glad we will have 2 factor Authentication. That should help make us a little safer

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So I take it we’ve found ourselves the developer we have awaited for so long

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Welcome Germán Luna ! :partying_face:

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Great. I tried the new update., its working good. syncing faster.

Welcome Germán Luna Patiarroy.

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