Divi Weekly Update | 7 Feb 2020 | Stex, PolisNodes, Discord, DiviSyrup and Media

Originally posted by @nicksaponaro on the Divi Blog.

STEX deposits are live


STEX is the first of two new exchange listings to go live with Divi trading integrations. Divi users can now deposit DIVI on STEX in anticipation of the first open day of trading.

Trading will commence next Tuesday, February 11th, at 06:00 PST.


STEX is a FinCEN registered exchange that has tight security protocols, insured funds, and a solid UX. Users from all countries, including the U.S., can use the exchange without worry. Because we’re also listing on LAToken, which is not accessible by U.S. citizens, we want to make sure that everyone has the chance to take advantage of new trading venues.

We view STEX as a moderate stepping-stone toward more prominent exchanges. We know everyone would love to see DIVI trading on Binance and Coinbase, but the big players want to see results on the smaller platforms first. This listing is a step in that direction.

DIVI now on PolisNodes


You may remember that we forged a new partnership with PolisPay a few weeks ago. Today, we are excited to announce that our users have another option for hosting their masternodes. It is always exciting to further decentralize the nodes in the Divi ecosystem, especially when our partners are the ones at the helm.

If you’d like to learn more about hosting with PolisPay, check out their website here.

Divi Discord is back


We’re rebuilding and revamping the Divi Discord server! Discord is a much more robust platform than it was when we were using it back in 2017. For that reason, we’re beginning to transition the community back over. We won’t be eliminating Telegram but we think users will enjoy some of the improvements and features Discord provides. Some things community members will find helpful:

  • Dedicated voice channel for support
  • Direct webhooks for instant updates from the blog, Twitter, GitHub, and more so you’re always up to date
  • Giveaways :tada:
  • Info bots
  • And much more to come!

We encourage everyone to join now and engage with the community!

Divi Syrup

Another retail e-commerce solution accepting DIVI is online now. Now, those who want the sweet, naturally sugary goodness of Canadian Maple Syrup can purchase it with $DIVI at divisyrup.com!

More than molasses

This website may look a lot like Divi Coffee and Divi Threads, but its a showcase of an upcoming solution that you may have noticed on our roadmap. Namely, the Divi Mall.

Divi Mall


Divi Mall is a Divi-powered e-commerce solution that allows users to set up their very own DIVI-based webshop! Users can select from one of 12 pre-designed templates and set their domain. We secure your store with SSL, and you’re ready to begin loading in new products and accepting DIVI right out of the gate.

The service is nearing completion, and we will continue to provide updates as we progress.


Masternodes Online Industry Report

Divi Project@DiviProject

Thanks @mn_o for this fantastic report on the #masternode sector. Especially page 11 😉 https://twitter.com/mn_o/status/1225101195749937152 …

We have released our 2019 Masternodes Year in Review Report!
Free Download https://masternodes.online/report_2019/
We’ll be tweeting slides & tagging coins for the next 2 weeks.
Thank you report sponsors @Nuls & @altbetofficial
And @coingecko for the idea.#masternode#masternodes#bitcoin
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4:08 AM - Feb 6, 2020

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Masternodes Online produced its first industry report this year, and the outcome is incredibly favorable for Divi. Just as we saw in the CoinGecko report, Divi appears in the top five overall. Additionally, we are number one in terms of return on investment in 2019. You can read the report here and be sure to check out Masternode Buzz’s breakdown as well.

Mister Node Real ROI Portfolio Update

Once again, Mister Node of Masternode Buzz finds his Divi Silver node to be the most profitable asset in his portfolio based on real earnings.

Divi Project@DiviProject

Mister Node finds that his Divi Silver node continues to be the best performing asset in his #masternode portfolio

cc: @Masternode_Buzzhttps://masternode.buzz/masternode-portfolio-january-update-realroi/ …


Masternode Portfolio January Update #REALROI

Mister Node manages Masternodes for different entities. In this monthly update we will keep track of his portfolio, and actual profits made from sold Masternode stakes. It will be very interesting to…


3:14 AM - Feb 7, 2020

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Top 10 Masternodes of the Week

It’s always a pleasure to see Divi grace the Masternode Buzz top ten gainers list for the week, and this week was no different.


Best Performing Masternodes #Week5@OfficialVitae @Merebel_global @ALQOCOIN @sibcoin_en @_pivx @NIXplatform @CryptoSportsIO @SafecapitalO @DiviProject @zcoinofficial https://masternode.buzz/best-performing-masternodes-week5-2/ …

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8:58 AM - Feb 6, 2020

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Satoshi Sean Interview and Setup Videos

Satoshi Sean is our latest Divi Influencer Ambassador, and his enthusiasm led to two incredible videos this week. The first is an interview with co-founder Nick Saponaro and the second is a MOCCI setup and review. Give them both a watch!

Melchionda Network Interview

Co-founder and CIO, Nick Saponaro, went back on Melchionda for an update on Divi this week.

Divi Crypto Podcast with Ian Balina

I had the incredible opportunity to chat with Ian Balina about the transparency and data-driven investment insights provided by Token Metrics.

New users can get a discount by providing the promo code: DIVIPROJECT

Free Talk Live Interview

CEO and co-founder Geoff McCabe discusses Divi in this latest Free Talk Live interview.


This is going to bring a new wave of users to the DIVI ecosystem.


A very important and substantial update!


When will Divi cease from giving us updates that will make user happy and boosting the project. I love the team.


$Divi to the moon! Great update!

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