Divi Weekly Update | 25 Oct 2019 | Wallet Updates, WCC, Token Tank, DIVI SMS and WhatsApp

Originally Posted by @nicksaponaro on the Divi Blog.

Divi Desktop Version 1.5.0 now available

This minor release fixes several bugs and introduces several new features.


Download for OSX
Download for Windows
Download for Linux

:bug: Bugfixes

  • Payment issues when unsubscribed fixed
  • Fixed issues with unlocking
  • Advanced coin control issues fixed
  • Auto-unlock in masternode deploy issue fixed
  • Address book issues fixed
  • Fixed issue with Mac shutdown
  • Fixed transactions list issues
  • Fixed balance calculation issue

:tada: Enhancements

  • Staking slider changes
  • Make unspent wait for six confirmations
  • Promo code enhancements
  • Masternode deployment stabilization
  • Start masternode button enhancements
  • PayPal payment UX enhancements
  • Different message once a spend is confirmed
  • Primer restore stabilized
  • Notification enhancements
  • Stabilization of daemon startup
  • Upgraded to Electron v6
  • Balance breakdown
  • Change logic to start/stop the daemon
  • Switched explorer to Chainz
  • Added macOS Catalina support

:rocket: Features

  • PayPal subscription management
    Now, users can manage their MOCCI subscriptions directly from the Settings panel.

  • Prepaid MOCCI
    Users can now pre-pay for three, six, or twelve months of MOCCI in advance and receive a discount for doing so.

  • Modal to restart daemon when stuck
  • Don’t allow uninstall if wallet not backed up
  • Hide balance
    Users looking for a bit more privacy can hide their balance from the display.

World Crypto Conference

The team is heading to World Crypto Conference this coming week, and we’re excited about all of the Divi-related (and non-Divi) activities in which we’ll be participating. If you’re joining us in Vegas, check out some of the fun opportunities you’ll have while you’re there.

Booth 342

Divi will be set up at Booth 342 in the exhibitor’s track at World Crypto Con from October 29 - October 31. Come by, get some free SWAG (we will have physical Divi coins as well as T-Shirts), demo the smart wallet, and say hello!

October 29, 2019 Meetup

On day one of the conference, Divi is co-hosting a meetup at G.O.A.T. Sports Bar at 3805 W Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89102. The venue is roughly twelve minutes from the Cosmopolitan by Uber or Lyft, and the event will (officially) last from 7 pm to 9 pm. We are providing complimentary drinks and appetizers. No RSVP required.

Divi [email protected]

Slight change of plans! Due to the amount of popularity we were seeing around the #VegasBlockchainWeek meetup, we’re moving venues to GOAT Sports Bar at 3805 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102! See you all on Tuesday, 10/29 from 7-9 PM. Hosted by @DiviProject and @Digit_All_TV!

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11:54 AM - Oct 25, 2019

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October 30, 2019, Keynote

Nick Saponaro is delivering a Keynote presentation on Wednesday from 3:10-3:30 in the Gracia Ballroom.

Nick Saponaro :heavy_check_mark: @NSapProductions

Wednesday, Oct 30 @WorldCryptoCon, I’ll be delivering a keynote entitled “Escaping the Echo Chamber,” which focuses on developing a benefit-driven crypto ecosystem that’s genuinely positioned for mass adoption. If you’ll be at the conference, I hope you’ll stop by!

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7:54 AM - Oct 24, 2019

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October 31, 2019, Token Tank Live

Divi is competing once again in the Token Tank Live pitch competition where Bad Crypto hosts, Joel Comm and Travis Wright, will be emceeing. We look forward to taking home first place in this year’s competition. :wink:

Unplanned events

Like any conference, there are dozens of things that we can’t plan for. Our media director, Frisco, is attending shooting as much footage as possible. We will upload full video coverage of Nick’s keynote and the Token Tank pitch after the conference, along with a significant amount of podcast content.

Viewers can also be on the lookout for our Friday monthly roundup video as scheduled.

DIVISMS coming to WhatsApp

DIVISMS, our messenger-based $DIVI wallet, has been officially approved by WhatsApp and will be available for production usage soon.

Divi [email protected]

#DIVISMS is coming to @WhatsApp!

We are also testing several new languages (Hebrew and Spanish pictured).

This version of our messenger-based $DIVI wallet brings easy, P2P transacting to even more countries around the world!

Get started today at http://divigo.app

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11:36 AM - Oct 25, 2019

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Additionally, as of today, Divi’s Nigerian and Ghanaian phone numbers have been approved, and DIVISMS will be coming to those countries next week.


Il team di DIVI sta continuando a fare un ottimo lavoro promuovendo il più possibile l’adozione di massa delle criptovalute.


Wow, what a week! , i love how the team never rests, adding real life solutions, for everyone!


ok , go to staking


Let’s of good stuff is going on! Can’t wait to see Nick at Chainwise.


Excellent wallet upgrades!

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Awsome project,Always looking up to the iformative weekly updates

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Ooh whatsapp??? Thats killer! Huge in PR

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Nick Saponaro ci farai morire!!! Fate un buon lavoro, il progetto è grandioso!! Tutta la comunità vi sostiene!!

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Bello Divi, meglio verrá, buon lavoro.

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Great work on the new Divi desktop!

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