Divi Weekly Update - 18 Oct 2019 - DIVISMS, CR Gov Recognition, Mobile/Desktop Update, Smart Node and Media

Originally posted by @nicksaponaro on the Divi blog.

DIVISMS Live in eight countries

Our SMS-based wallet is now available in eight different countries, including:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Netherlands
  • Costa Rica
  • Israel

We are currently waiting for approval for several African and South American countries as well, so stay tuned for more updates.

DIVISMS also supports several languages now, so you can text your friends and family DIVI in Spanish, Italian, English, and soon many more.

To get started head over to the Divi Go website.

Costa Rican Tax Board approves of $DIVI

In a previous update, we discussed our recent acquisition of the Costa Rican invoice company, FEO. This week, multiple invoices were sent by this company with DIVI as the required payment method.

Upon reporting to the Costa Rican Tax Board, as is required by their regulations, $DIVI was accepted as a legitimate form of currency. This event is a massive step toward governmental recognition of $DIVI as a real means of exchange.

Mobile update

As you know, we are just weeks away from demoing the Divi mobile application at World Crypto Con in Las Vegas. We are aware that everyone is anxious to get their hands on the app and we are working night and day to make that happen. In the meantime, here’s a little preview of some previously unreleased screens.

We are also making significant progress on Divi Desktop 2.0. Below you can get a feel for what the desktop app looks like and the features it offers.

Divi Smart Node Version 0.0.3-alpha now available

The Divi Smart Node is our solution for running a full Divi Node on your Raspberry Pi. To stay in line with the “Crypto Made Easy” concept, users can download and install our preconfigured image that automatically sets up the node and starts syncing without any user input.

Version 0.0.3-alpha expands upon the Smart Node concept by giving users the option to take a guided set up to enable their wallet as a staking node, masternode, or regular full node.

Please be aware that the masternode set up is not yet available in this version.

For now, only the staking node and regular full node set ups are available. Stay tuned for the masternode set up in the coming weeks.

Divi in the Media

As has become customary over the past couple of months, Divi continues to appear across various platforms in the media.

Digit-All Crypto

Melchionda Network

Rekt Podcast

Listen here

Divi Crypto Podcast


It’s interesting to see how the Costa Rican government reacts to Divi.


Awesome development!


Slowly but Surely - all the building starting to come together for $Divi - Divisms, https://feo.cr/, @RidiviFintech, Mobile app and wallet 2.0


Other amazing week to Divi really cool !

PD: I love the Update in Mobile/Deskopt looks awesome


The new divi desktop looks great!, i so want to put my hands on a raspberry pi and stake divi on it! awesome update! keep rocking team!


Felicidades, la expansión ha comenzado, la incursión ha comenzado lo mejor está por venir, y de mi parte que actualmente resido en Venezuela estoy a la orden para colaborar con cualquier porcedimiento necesario para la incorporacion de $DIVISMS a territorio Venezolano


Novità decisamente sostanziose presentate con la solita puntualità da parte del team di $DIVI. Non vedo l’ora che arrivino i giorni del WCC di Las Vegas per poter conoscere e provare le ulteriori novità che saranno materialmente presentate.


This seems like a big first in the crypto world. DIVI really should do well.


Veramente una grafica spaziale!!! Adoro il nero! Non vedo l’ora di installare l’app.