Divi Weekly Update | 11 Oct 2019 | Ridivi Branches, Ledger, Pi 4, Divi Ambassadors and Media

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Second Ridivi Branch Set to Launch Monday

The second physical Ridivi location is ready to launch this coming Monday in Pavas, Costa Rica, just 300 Meters from the nearest Western Union branch. This location is the first in a five-store expansion of the Ridivi footprint.

Development progress


The Ledger Hardware wallet has reopened submissions for their hardware and software (Ledger Live). As such, development priority has shifted to ensuring that Divi’s entry is ready to go. We also open sourced an integral part of the Ledger integration for those who want to send Divi transactions with a Light or SPV client easily.

Raspberry Pi 4 update inbound

Users can expect an update to the Divi Smart Node in the coming weeks that is compatible with the latest version of the Raspberry Pi 4 and includes new features including:

  • Guided staking setup
  • Guided masternode setup
  • Guided wallet setup

And more!

Introducing Digit-All Crypto as Ambassadors

You may remember an interview a couple of weeks back with Digit-All Crypto. Jimmy and Wendell have both shown a lot of enthusiasm about Divi. Wendell is even working on some Divi products with our Development Community. They are so excited about Divi that we are pleased to open our official Ambassador Program with them.

Now, users can deploy a MOCCI masternode and get one month of hosting free with their discount code DAC01 !

Be sure to check out the Digit-All Crypto YouTube channel and subscribe for more Divi-related content.


Divi continues to present and appear in the media and at meetups throughout the industry. Check out what you missed this week.

Not Another Bitcoin Podcast w/ Kenn Bosak

Hardcore Crypto w/ Grey Jabesi

Melchionda Network Masternode Review

Crypto Mondays San Juan w/ Geoff McCabe

Divi Crypto Podcast w/ Robert Hirsch


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Great news with another branch opening for Ridivi the expansion has begun - use case imminent, new developments are on track and the Official Ambassador Program sounds really cool.


Im hoping Geoff does a walk-thru/demonstration of Ridivi in action before we get to check it out via the Mobile Wallet


Will all 5 branches of R Divi be in Costa Rica?


Buenas noticias para un excelente proyecto. Los mejores resultados para el equipo en Costa Rica .


not sure on that but it makes sense to get established there first. a question for @nicksaponaro or @geoff


Awesome update


Other amazing week to Divi !


Give me a job there haha!


E’ bello vedere che sia $DIVI che $RIDIVI stanno progredendo giorno dopo giorno. L’importante è infatti puntare dritti all’obiettivo della diffusione di massa delle criptovalute.

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