Divi Wallet Ideas Thread


It is easier to find if we try to keep things together.

Cant find the old wallet thread so we make a new one.

I just got the idea that it would be cool if there was a option to turn on a “kling” sound of money every time your marsternode minted a coin. In the pc app and phone app. Or a sound of own choice. On the phone it could alternatively just vibrate. Like your are on work but every time your phone vibrates you know your divi is making the world a better place & you are earning money.

A nice thing to stay top motivated during the day at work.

Or when you wake up you have a notification on your phone that your lovely masternode again minted you xx coins while you slept!

Add: I want this sound every time my masternode mints a new divi! https://youtu.be/vp1Pox_-lD4?t=84

It is the kling sound from our Divi intro & out tro :sunny:

(Baldy) #2


For those of us who need to pay the mafia on this income. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a transaction export feature that makes a .csv file.

It should have date, transaction hash, from wallet, amount, it should say “transfer”, “node reward” or “staking reward”. For extra credit, it should list the current exchange price at the time of the transfer.


I like the idea! Perhaps the notification could be customisable, so it could be in real-time, or the user could choose daily or weekly updates?


You may not know, but from the whitepaper it says this is coming :sunny:


Indeed :sunny: