Divi Update - 20 Sept 2019 - Wallet, Website, Development and Media

Originally posted by @nicksaponaro on the blog

Divi Desktop version 1.4.5 now available

This patch release fixes several bugs and enhances the security and user experience of the client.


  • Fixed bug where initial startup takes too long
  • Updates to cache management
  • Fixes to notifications


  • Faster primer sync
  • Staking on/off switch enhancements
  • Updated logos for master node tiers
  • Security updates


Development update


If you follow our Core repo on GitHub closely, you may have noticed some activity concerning Atomic Swaps, a Bitcoin Full Node, and some new RPC functions as of this past week. What does all of this mean?

We are currently implementing a variety of improvements to our Atomic Swap code. We are writing test cases so that we can move forward in implementing an interface for decentralized, peer-to-peer trading in the Divi wallets.

We are setting up a full bitcoin node to begin implementing several interoperability features that are necessary to the upcoming mobile and desktop wallets.

We will be testing BTC/DIVI Atomic Swaps on test net next week.

Finally, we are analyzing several aspects of the blockchain at a lower level ahead of some much-needed architectural updates that will improve the protocol significantly.

New website imminent

Visitors to our website can expect a refreshed landing page next week. The new page is more in line with our updated branding and goes further in-depth regarding all of the exciting new features and services Divi will be offering.

Divi in the media

  • Nick and Divi are featured on Card Rates talking about RiDivi and the potential of the acquisition.
  • Divi CEO Geoff McCabe interviews on Free Talk Live, the legendary national radio show that was the first to introduce Bitcoin to the world. Many Bitcoin icons such as Roger Ver heard about Bitcoin first on Free Talk Live


Great work divi team


Will Divi have KYC built into its wallet for Atomic swaps? Or is this something different because it’s all peer to peer?


thats a good question. im not against kyc for certain things but definitely curious how to will be implemented/required in the divi ecosystem especially as we are seeing some recent movement against privacy coins. maybe @nicksaponaro can chime in with some initial ideas.


Come al solito un grande lavoro sia da parte del dev team che di tutta la comunità. Sono davvero contento di aver conosciuto questo progetto che ha come focus la semplicità per favorire la diffusione di massa delle criptovalute ed in particolare di #DIVI.


Ottimo lavoro! il wallet… :rocket:




Man! what a nice way to increase price and volume! a lot of people worldwide will benefit from this.


It depends how the FATF views peer-to-peer exchanges of digital assets, but it seems likely. Their latest guidance dictates that all exchanges, including decentralized exchanges, require KYC/AML practices to be built in.


Amazing work !