Divi themed tattoo contest


Let’s get creative. We are at the beginning of the road. The human readable adresses and truly substantial monetary gains in the DIVI ecosystem are yet to come. But in the mantime we can can talk to people’s emotions through artistic expression and creativity. DIVI is this next generation thing. It is a currency, a technology. But it could become so much more. It can be advertized to young people as something that unites us. Yet at the same time it constitutes a token of everyone’s personal freedoms. A symbol of free choice and personal expression in a World of tightening survilence and censorship. A way of life.

Why not announce a DIVI themed tattoo contest!

Make it original. Make it cretive. Let the holders vote by rewarding the contestants in DIVI.
How about that?

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(Ben) #2

Tattoos aren’t my thing but I like the idea



Later they could add their personal human readable address :slight_smile: