Divi staking -- am i doing it right?


I set up staking for my divi coins a few weeks ago (around August 4), but I haven’t seen the amount grow at all, even though I made sure to press the enable button each time I turned on my computer, so I’m worried that I’m not doing it right. Can you clarify for me if it is staking when I press the enable button, or is there something else I need to do? I also noticed that divi staking didn’t appear to use any energy at all when I left my computer on while not using it for anything else. Is that normal, or is that an indicator that my staking hasn’t been working?

Also, I’m aware that it’s better to leave your computer on 24/7 to maximize your divi profits, but my computer (a laptop) burns out if I don’t turn it off to let it recharge for a few hours, but I turn the divi staking back on when I turn my computer back on to enable the staking again. Does divi still stake during the times my computer is on, or does my computer have to be left on all the time for staking to work at all? Is it actually profitable to do what I have been doing (stake while my computer is on), or better to pool divi with others to ensure that it is always running, and perhaps together with others’ divi as a node? I know that pooling companies charge around 8% interest, so I was wondering if it is more profitable to stake, or to pool and pay the fees that come with it.


Hi Cathy, does your staking slider turn green and say staking ON? if not, it’s not staking. We can definitely troubleshoot it - I can help here or it would be alot easier and quicker in a chat(in our tg support channel).

Your computer should be staking any time your staking is on, whether or not it’s shut down inbetween. We also have a more centralized solution which doesn’t cost the 8% pooling companies charge, called DiviGo, which utilizes whatsapp. I can provide more info if you are interested.

I am also having the same problem. I will unlock the staking and it will be on. but when I exit the wallet the next time I reopen the wallet staking will be off…Also I have had the copper node for 3 months now. I never received rewards for the first month. The second and 3rd month I would only receive a reward at the end of each month. Each month I only received 540 divi per month? this does not line up with the pay out stated on masternodes.online. Is this a regular payout or is something wrong with my wallert I have used some of the options within the maintenance section and it has not changad the amount of rewards received


My staking does appear to say that it’s on, but I haven’t received any divi at all. Is that normal? Is it possible that one is so unlucky that they never get to be the random person that gets allotted divi to their account? Is it more stable to use DiviGo, or is the payout also random?

I would be interested in finding out more information about DiviGo, so yes, please provide anything you think might be useful to know. Here are a few specific questions I have about it: Does it give more than, less than, or the same amount of divi as the desktop version? What are the advantages of using DiviGo over the desktop? Does it cost anything?

I tried using Telegram before signing up for this, but my computer version is too old for it to work, unfortunately. :frowning: Is this the only other option for contacting divi support, or is there an email I can use to contact support directly? I found this email (info@diviproject.org) somewhere online prior to using this forum and emailed it but never heard back, so I’m assume it’s no longer functional.

I know that the divi team is working on an option that will pool everyone’s divi together and pay everyone out according to the amount they have staked, but if you can tell me the most effective way to stake my divi coins so that I at least earn something, as opposed to what’s going on now, in the meantime, I would appreciate it.


What is your masternode address?

so it depends on the amount you’re staking. you can check the calculator here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UD4Nh4JstM3fYsq2PG6cK0j3k0vkIEl6tp8UMfKdZfI/edit#gid=0

to see what you can expect.

DiviGo is a centralized solution, the wallet stakes and then distributes the rewards, but overall there is no difference in your proportion of them vs using the desktop wallet. The new website and app should be out soon, but this is the old one: https://divigo.app/


I just got enough divi for a copper node. I noticed that there are discounts for longer subscriptions. But I also found a promo code for a free month. Will the discounts still be there if I try a free month before subscribing to something longer, or are they only there upon sign-up?

Also, with regard to what the other person posted – what happens if I don’t get rewards for a month or get fewer divi than I am supposed to, like s/he did? Is there a way to be compensated for the divi that should have been received, and, if not, how can i know when I should report if there is a problem? Do the payouts happen at the end of the month, or should they be coming in regularly/daily or weekly?


Payouts are random and chance based, depending on tier if masternode or number of coins if staking, the sheet above details the AVERAGE number you get. It’s completely decentralized and based on blockchain consensus, so there is no compensation because it’s stochastic, you could be receiving less one month and more another month. I am not sure where you found a coupon because I’m not aware of any coupons being given to anyone right now, but the discounts are always there.