Divi Project - Weekly Update - 21 June 2019 - New Dev, Roadmap, Wallet Updates, 2FA and more

Originally posted by @nicksaponaro on The Divi Blog here.

Today’s update includes several exciting announcements, so let’s jump right into the action.

New Lead Blockchain Developer

We are honored to welcome a new member to our development team! Van Cam Pham is a researcher focused on blockchain consensus, cryptography, and sophisticated software system design and is passionate about distributed systems. Van Cam has his Ph.D. in Software Engineering from Université Paris-Saclay, France.

Pham is leaving his role as Lead Blockchain Researcher at TomoChain to join Divi as our new Lead Blockchain Developer, replacing Yuri Oleksyshyn.

Yuri has been integral in the hiring process and is dedicated to on-boarding and passing the torch to Van Cam over the next two weeks. We can finally say with confidence that blockchain development is back on track.

The dump is over

We received word from Crex24 today that the last of the funds that were lost in the unfortunate system compromise of one of our users have been sold.

Crex24 is the least trustworthy exchange I have ever had the displeasure of interfacing with and should be avoided like the Black Plague. Due to their unwillingness to cooperate with us on this matter, which is an ongoing FBI investigation, I consider them to have aided and abetted a known cybercriminal in the coordinated attack and subsequent theft of funds from an unwitting user. It really would have taken little work to catch all of the stolen funds. The Crex24 team could have fully legitimized themselves as an honest business but instead chose to prioritize trading fees over integrity.

Despite the frustration, traders should feel more secure in knowing there is no longer a multi-million Divi dumper out there threatening the ecosystem. Moving forward, users should consider using more legitimate exchanges, such as Bitrue for any market activity involving Divi.

Roadmap update

If you take a look at our roadmap today, you’ll find some features have been moved forward toward completion.

Divi Desktop update inbound

Expect a minor release for Divi Desktop in the next couple of weeks that implements several critical security and UX features that users are frequently requesting.

Two-Factor Authentication

After the update, users will have the option to secure their wallet with a TOTP (temporary one-time passcode) authenticator application, such as Google Authenticator or Authy. This feature allows users to require a TOTP for certain wallet functions such as:

  • Send
  • Backup
  • Deploy MOCCI
  • Dismantle MOCCI
  • Unsubscribe MOCCI

The 2FA connects to your wallet directly, without requiring any personal user information. If you are compromised, the hacker cannot use your funds unless they also have access to your authenticator device.

Email notifications & MOCCI monitoring service

The updated Divi Desktop will include an option to receive email notifications if your MOCCI-deployed masternode goes down along with additional stability upgrades and backend monitoring for MOCCI nodes.

Blockchain “Primer”

The incoming version of Divi Desktop will also feature a Blockchain “Primer” that will automatically download a signed, secure image of the blockchain state to avoid requiring full sync each time users open their wallet. This feature will benefit users by creating a more seamless experience when booting up. This feature can optionally be turned off in the settings.

Miscellaneous updates

  • The duplicate Gold/Silver MOCCI copy is changed to reflect the correct values.
  • “Redeployment required” is not visible in the GUI for manually deployed masternodes.

Mobile wallet

Several core blockchain features need implementation before the release of the mobile wallet, and now that Cam is on the team, we are back on track. That said, we still made several improvements to the mMOCCI (mobile masternode one-click cloud installer), including an upgrade protocol that allows mMOCCI nodes to integrate new blockchain features as they are released quickly.

Kasper and Mathias are fully on-boarded, and we have begun scoping and writing user stories for the new and improved UX. Look out for a massive update on what to expect from Divi Mobile 2.0 in the coming weeks.

I know everyone is anxious to use the mobile wallet, and we are considering doing an open beta for Divi Mobile 1.0 once the application is in a publicly testable state. Stay tuned.


I have noticed a fair amount of discussion in our public Telegram concerning governance-based topics. Since governance will require a change in consensus and since we are moving toward the deployment of our first network upgrade, now is the perfect time to begin seriously discussing this feature with our community.

To keep this discussion organized, please visit the Divitalk Forum, make an account, and start a conversation in the Governance channel.

Coin holders can expect a lot more activity from core team members in the Governance channel over the coming weeks, but anyone interested in participating in the creation of the Divi Project governance model should feel free to begin making topics of their own now.

NodeForge Partnership

We are always searching for more ways to decentralize the Divi economy and offer users additional ways to access the income opportunities provided by our five masternode tiers. As such, we have struck a relationship with Masternode hosting platform, NodeForge.

I met the NodeForge team at the Cryptos & Tokens meetup earlier this month, and our visions and dedication to the masternode niche certainly align beautifully. Their data visualizations and masternode tracking analytics are top notch and I’m looking forward to the full release of their platform to the public.

NodeForge is currently in beta testing and will be implementing Divi masternodes soon.

As always, have a great weekend, and if you have any questions, find us on Telegram or the Forum.


Bienvenido al nuevo integrante del escuadrón !
las actualización de junio es excelente.

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Crazy good blog post/update!

Finally we are getting 2FA!!!

One of the best security inventions EVER.

We just need fingerprint and face recognition and then it is bullet proof :wink:

But I admit my iPhone is not new enough to have face-recognition.

But a combination of fingerprint (physical ) and 2FA ( digital ) would be close to 100% secure against both hackers ( digital way ) and the old school physical burglar (physical crime, but not expert at hacking )

Maybe 5% of hackers both master physical and digital crime and the 95% can only go the digital route.

The physical burglar 95% dont know how to hack, so he is limited to fake fingerprints and break in the door at best :slight_smile:

But remember, even when a hacker master hacking and physical break ins - such a PRO wont waste his time on targets who are not RICH. Like the guy who just got hacked for 18 million divi. Aka 90.000 USD. That kind of “rich guy” will be the professional hackers target group and worth going to jail to rob.

And writing that his life is “ruined” is a HUGE overstatement. The guy is likely highly succesfull and gota Well-Paid job so he will be just fine. But he did a huge msitake he had to pay dearly for. But give him 5 years and he likely earned it all back. Just a setback in his plans. He is not homeless like me, so he is still golden no problemo. He just fucked up and had to pay.

Some mistakes are free, some mistakes cost a bit, and some mistakes are Expensive lessons - that is life.

Have a nice day, and remember to live every day to its fullest!



Wow but that actualization so powerful that it arrived. Above all, congratulations and thanks for making this post!!

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Oh btw Welcome to our new Lead Blockchan Developer from Tomochain!

Funny fact is I feel I remember seeing him from Tomochain pictures.

I love Chinese and south-Korean people.

I feel they are so smart.

And wise.

I suspect it lies in their culture.

Here in the west our cultural past is…axes? Alcohol? War?

At least if you come from North Europe…

Where in Asia Wisdom have been flourishing through thousands of years!

Just look my username.

The Great Confucius.

Once again…

Welcome to Divi Van Cam Pam!

I look forward to seeing you out live your true potential at Divi!

- Confucius


Fun thing I just noticed…

A true NERD can never hide…even in a leather jacket a nice guy and NERD can never hide his true identity :slight_smile:

I’m also a hardcore NERD so I also talk about my self haha.


Great things are coming for divi project, I will stay alert in all the news, I’m excited about this new Dev.

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great to see a new partnership to bring more awareness and Multi Factor Auth coming very soon. Keep up the great work.

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So how long is Divi to continue listing on Crex 24? Have you guys considered getting one more exchange besides Truebit and them dumping Crex 24 for good?

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I have actually started to avoid the use of that crex exchanger, this is actually annoying however the only way is forward right now

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Very good news, Divi every time is more stronger. :partying_face: