Divi Project - Weekly Update - 03 May 2019 - Mobile Wallet/Masternodes, Security, Decentralization, Fiat On-Ramp and Consensus

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Another week, another iteration in Divi Project technology and business development. Let’s dive right in to see what’s been going on for the past seven days!

Development update

mMOCCI Improvements

It’s always a good sign when we’re working on UI/UX because that means that we have sufficiently addressed any functional issues, and are now focusing on making the product as delightful to use as possible. As you know, design and experience are always Divi’s primary focus. We believe that the blockchain should only exist in the background, and the user should feel familiar with our applications right from the moment they log in.

This week, we expanded the mobile masternode experience to provide the user with more detail and control over their nodes right from their phone.

We also bolstered the infrastructure to create a more secure method for interacting with the remote node from a mobile device.

It’s imperative that we not sacrifice decentralization for convenience, while still providing a secure, robust, and easy-to-use product. This goal is much easier said than done, as you might imagine. For that reason, we had to make sure that users are always in control of their private keys and that no third party (including Divi Project) could ever gain access to said keys. The mobile wallet’s encryption key (password) secures the remote nodes and users can only access them through the secure channel that is established upon the launch of the mMOCCI. This secure channel is end-to-end encrypted, so even in the unlikely event of an interception, the data is obfuscated and unreadable.

Easy on-ramp

The easy on-ramp is undergoing back end development now. Creation of a new library of API endpoints is in progress, and the CryptoWolf team have been extremely helpful in supporting us and even allowing us early access to some new API endpoints from their servers to enable quick and easy swaps between assets.

Thanks to these API improvements, users can purchase DIVI with a variety of assets (including USD in approved jurisdictions) as well as a specific amount of DIVI for those same assets. This feature was previously unavailable to CryptoWolf users.

I am excited because this tech will soon be implemented in the mobile and desktop wallets, making it easier than ever to use and swap assets without leaving the Divi ecosystem.

New partnerships and relationships

Simple PoS Pool Listing

Simple PoS Pool is in the final stages of integrating Divi with their platform. We expect the listing to be live within the next week barring any significant blockages. We are excited that yet another easy staking/masternode setup option for users new and old will become available through this partnership.

In discussion with Metacert

Fakes, scammers, and phishers are common in the blockchain space, and they’re very good at what they do. Anyone using cryptocurrencies now lives in a world of paranoia, and this level of constant vigilance is unacceptable for mass adoption. However, there are solutions, such as Metacert, which you can even get now for your protection. We’re in discussion with the Metacert team to see how their products might be integrated into Divi’s wallet so that users are further protected while using our suite of products.


The Divi team (including myself) will be in attendance at Consensus in NYC this year. If you are in the area, please reach out to us and let’s meet up!


Great update as always.


Great update, always look forward to Divi updates as they’re constantly building and improving


Nice, im really excited with all this mobile improvements, keep it up, divi!


Will the fiat onramp work for Americans?


Unfortunately not.

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Another amazing update.


Great update again! Thanks guys!

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Great news. Happy to hear of the progress. The mobile masternode syncing and set up is a crack it will further adoption…

Nice work.


Grazie per questo aggiornamento…sempre dettagliato.


Excelente, buenas mejoras!!!

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