Divi in Healthcare: Voice your ideas!

This topic is being created to discuss the potential use cases for Divi in healthcare.

Some of the ideas I have though about are:

  1. Redundant storage of data
  2. Use of Masternode P2P storage for patient metadata
  3. Smart contract implementation atop the Divi blockchain for health claims adjudication
  4. Patient access and ownership of health records and personal data
  5. Authenticated provider access to patient data
  6. Ease-of-use patient interaction with healthcare organization blockchains

We want to hear your opinions and thoughts on this, feel free to get creative!

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" Smart contract implementation atop the Divi blockchain for health claims adjudication"

That’s not only a strong use case for medical, I can see this beneficial for other industries that require claims such as auto to wills/trusts.

Agreed. IMO its probably the strongest use-case from a mutually beneficial cost-savings perspective.

Wow, I understood it like that Divi Coin/Blockchain could only be used for use for currency/transactions. And maybe a Dapp or 2 later down the road.

@nicksaponaro can you please explain what Divi Coin can be programmed to do? Is it a smart contract coin or not? Sounds like it is if you can use a masternode as storage database and what not?

How can you implement smart contracts on top of Divi Blockchain? Never heard of anything like that.

We need some explanation to be able to give suggestions.

I guess there is nearly no limit on what Industries that could use the Divi Blockchains ability to transfer and store Metadata.

But healthcare is a HUGE one and a world changer.

The blockchain does not currently support smart contracts, this implementation would likely require a fork of the protocol to build out the framework. A worthwhile one in my opinion should an opportunity arise.

Masternode p2p storage, to me, has been one of the most exciting features of divi ever since I read the first wp.

MN P2P is the second area that interests me.

Maybe we should just focus on our main objective as currency. It is also much more profitable and world changing.

Really Many other Blockchains are tailor suited for Health Care.

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The way I see it (imho) having the Divi mentality of ease of use to smart contracts would be game changing. Would we plug into someone else’s implementation or build our own? That of course makes a huge difference on time.