Divi Guy Always Making Things Complicated

(Johnny401View) #1

As a fun side… did you guys see the video with Nick and Frisco where Frisco was the uber nerd trying to install a masternode through Linux? That should be a Divi character… always trying to make things complicated (Avoid the Noid). :slight_smile:

(OriZ) #2

Yeah, next video he should insist on sending funds using a public key, and lose all of his money hahaha


Bravo :clap::clap:

Great idea.

My only suggestion is they make it shorter.

The point is easy to understand and it kept hammering it a little too long.

You know the cringe feeling when somebody takes a joke too far? I got the same feeling 75% inside the video.

(Johnny401View) #4

15 sec shorts


That is t oo short.

Many updates with Frisco was far too short. If you have no more to say then tell a off topic story! Like “the divi team at the office had our weekly pizza day today” "bla bla bla and today at the divi office we celebrated Fricos 32 years birthday! " “Tim Sanders dropped by the divi office today!”

(Johnny401View) #6

Nevermind. :slight_smile: