divi desktop will not download

Expected behavior

Actual behavior

Operating system

  • [ ] Mac OSX
  • [ ] Windows 10
  • [ ] Windows 8/8.1
  • [ ] Linux Ubuntu 16.04
  • [ ] Linux Ubuntu 18.04
  • [ ] Linux Debian
  • [ ] Other UNIX/Linux distribution

Detailed reproduction steps

I am not sure what you mean…where are you trying to download from?

Wallet will not load, it says the Daemon is Stuck. Tried several times

Do you have any AV or firewall running?

No I don’t
Never had a problem before

Wallet was running fine then had to reboot my laptop due to updates.
Then wallet would not load after that

Got running…just restored the wallet

sent to my new wallet 111000 divi
copied and pasted the address in wallet and got confirmation of sent tokens but wallet just keeps synchronizing then the ERROR message comes up.
are my tokens GONE?
Any suggestions?