Divi Desktop - Turn USD value off


Subject: Divi Desktop

Idea: The option to remove USD value of my Divi Balance in my wallet interface.

Implementation : Just let me have the option to remove it so I dont have to be annoyed by it any more please.

Divi should not even be compared to fiat. Divi and crypto is by far superior. Why do you ( anybody )even think we bought Divi/crypto? We wanted to escape the sinking corrupted ship. Rotten from the inside and out.

  • Confucius


Nice idealism but not realism. I personally like seeing that value. If it’s an option to turn it off, I would not use it. And would you replace it with a BTC/Divi value instead? I think there are better things to work on imho.

(OriZ) #3

yeah it’s going to be low priority for sure. Might happen but not for a while.