Divi Crew - Lets use it or lose it

(Geoff McCabe) #1

A while back I created a Divi Crew telegram group. The purpose was to put together a dedicated bunch of Divi coinholders who would be willing to do micro-tasks to promote us. This would include re-tweeting, making comments, fighting trolls, etc.

This is really something very essential for any good crypto community to have, especially when we’re small. With 20 people spending 5-10 minutes a day it would make a big impact and get us noticed in many places.

I had hoped someone would take over leadership of this, and would organize the micro-tasks in a Google Doc so that everyone could be sure not to miss an opportunity to help out.

This is still a very important part of our marketing plan, and with launch rapidly approaching, I’d like to get some feedback on the idea and see if we can get a volunteer or two to help make this happen. A volunteer would need to put the team back together and then start looking for opportunities. There are HUNDREDS of masternode articles out there that could be commented on about Divi, and many other opportunities. Comments boost engagement, and also alert the writers (often thought leaders and alpha leaders) about Divi’s existence.

Divi is our coin. We own it together and collectively we make can make it into something great and massively grow our coin holders and ecosystem. This is the point of coin governance and having a great community.

If anyone wants to help, please let me know, and please comment on this idea.


(OriZ) #2

Hi Geoff. I would love to be able to contribute there, but right now every available moment I have I spend in beta testing. I used to do all that before there was even a divi crew…late last year/early this year, I would go around reddit, facebook etc and if I saw someone asking for recommendations, I would bring up divi. I call on anyone reading this - look for posts, where people ask for low market cap coins, for promising coins, for masternode coins, etc, and pitch divi. Unfortunately for me my time or lack thereof has not allowed me over the course of the last few months to continue doing that in the frequency that I would like, but I’m sure eventually that will change. I have not stepped foot on reddit, with the exception of the divi reddit, in over 6 months.

I also think that it would be more effective to do this after launch, and not expand too much resources on it right now. It’s always alot better to go ‘go download this app and see what this project is doing’, than say ‘go look at what they’re trying to do’. So I would say lets not “lose it” just yet…lets give it some time, after release, there might be more people willing and/or able to do this and it will surely make life alot easier.

I still have the spreadsheet file that @johntravelsasia made for us a few months back with every alt coin thread on btctalk…I have been waiting till after launch to pick a thread or two a day and go in there and talk about divi.

(Johnny401View) #3

I think @oriz is correct. I’d be more than happy to help contribute after release. I don’t have the bandwidth to lead it, but certainly can help coordinate and contribute once we complete redemption. I already have short masternode articles I plan to write addressing the need to move from the dark ages to actual consumer utility.

@geoff We might want to think about adding something in the wallet to make it easy for supporters to jump right in to helping promote the product. I’m not sure how that looks, but something to consider.


We need to establish some type of small incentive program. From the last few projects I’ve been heavily involved with, aside from your absolute hardcore supporters, people usually are willing to jump in the first week or two but fizzles out quickly.


People dont seem to do anything without being paid now a days. At least in crypto it seems so.

Nobody comments on Divi Announcements posts on Facebook / Youtube.

15 likes at best.

I’am surprised and sadened.

We are likely over 500 investors, coin holders.

Where the f. is the rest? I often think.

Over 10.000 likes/follwers? All social medias in total.

Would not surprise me if 70% of divx owners are salt over the price movement. That actually follow the whole market. + The delayed mainnet launch.

When I write with Divi hodlers outside this forum 7 out of 10 seems epic salt and just want to sell when they can without a loss.

We should definitively wait to after Mainnet launch with doing anything.

Will also win confidence back from big parts of the 70% kings of salt.

Those who will sell were never any good. Rotten apples so to say.

Just wanted quick profit.

(Geoff McCabe) #5

Yes this I think the biggest obstacle we now face.

We can now still do everything right but if too many people want to sell, the price can’t recover and we can’t get enough liquidity going. The crypto market is just too terrible right now and lots of people want to just get into BTC and wait it out.

It’s very important now that we’re able to present a clear vision for Divi’s future and give people a reason to hold DIVI rather than convert to BTC.

And I continue to believe that the Divi Crew idea is a very important part of this. A supportive community is crucial. With mainnet launch we must generate enough excitement to get people who were once more interested to come back to us and start paying attention. People can only read one Telegram at a time and many people jump between their favorites. We need to get back into everyone’s attention zone. Our reward structure and the lottery blocks are designed to help with this. But having a great community who is fun, funny, and welcoming, will be essential going forward.

The fact is that Divi is a phenomenally good opportunity for people. We should find masternode fans coming into the ecosystem. There are over 200,000 masternodes out there and 95% of them are junk. I’m thinking that even if a lot of “salties” sell out, it may just provide cheaper masternodes for a while for those who want them. Eventually, with the salties gone, we’ll have a stronger community who will be part of powering us forward.

(Johnny401View) #6

We’re not going to reach folks through our social media outlets that already stopped listening. As much as I often cringe with the idea of YouTube influencers, they do hit people that either already forgot about us or never paid attention in the first place.

I love the idea of Divi crew, I’ve been involved with this in different iterations (under different nicknames) for many years. When the market is great, it’s much easier for people to spend time help pushing the product. When times are now, aside from your hardcore supporters (that are already beta testing, VIIP guidance., mods for telegram etc) it’s REALLY hard to get them to mobilize without some type of incentives.

I’m very very good in this area… I could be wrong, however, I’d be surprised. I just organized one of these for another project. What a freaking nightmare to maintain engagement levels.

We need CEO vision vids, the central crypto made easy Nick videos, Youtube influencers. We need those that left us know they are about to miss out… Easy to join a team you think is surrounded by winners.

Personally,I volunteer so many hours on projects, I just dont have much bandwidth. I’m trying to scale back to an absolute minimum. I can offer some advice always, however, I need to scale way back after beta testing. Happy to makena few posts throughout the week in Bitcointalk.

(Johnny401View) #7

Ok @geoff, I’ve outlined my doom and gloom above, here’s the specific actions I would take on your micro actions idea:

  1. Hire a Community Leader in Divi

This role is so important to coordinate the efforts of others, I would want someone that not only receives a little Divi (not me) for their trouble but also have bonus structure incentives. It’s a crapload amount of work if you’re going to do it right.

I just finished doing this EXACT thing for another project, I had about 15 people under me doing daily microtasks and tracking. It’s like herding cats, it took a lot of my day not only identifying new opportunities but getting people to participate. We even paid them a small amount of coin each week based on the tasks they completed.

1b. Unfortunately, I’m not available. I have a few coins interested in bringing me on to help them with something similar, to be honest, I don’t even know if my fees are worth the frustration. :slight_smile: It’s a LOT of work done right.

  1. Small Incentives

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get people to take action. You can have weekly drawings where completed tasks equal tickets. You can give away T-shirts, Physical Coins, token amount of Divi etc…

  1. Track Results

When we first started talking about Divi Crew, I felt like you were against tracking results and just leaving it more casual. I understand that approach, fun/casual is awesome, but we’re not in an upswing market where everyone is holding hands and singing. If we were in THAT market, I can definitely appreciate the argument.

We need results, we need them consistently, we need to see what level people are contributing and we need to reward the efforts.

4. Divi Crew Needs to be in the Wallet <--------

I’m not sure how it looks, however, it should be real easy for ANYONE that has a DiviWallet to participate in this global effort to help promote the product.

4b. See #4 :slight_smile:

  1. Consult with someone that’s done this numerous times

I hear he’ll consult for free as always. :wink:

  1. Develop a Way to Highlight Those That Put in the Effort

Man, I had no clue how hard the beta team has been working behind closed doors until I joined the mix last week. Many unsung heroes. People that contribute to Divi Crew need to be constantly recognized. There’s a lot of ways to do that from wallet news feeds to talking about them in Divi weekly updates.

  1. Level-Up

We need a system that not only rewards people for doing good with Divi, but as they continue to contribute, they level-up in some manner. Again, I’m not sure how that looks yet.

  1. Meetup.com

By the way, these same people are perfect candidates to spread the word at meetup groups.


I respect any direction you decide to take this initiative, I just wanted to share my experience since I just finished doing this a few months ago.

Final Thoughts - Guidance 401View
(Edwina B) #8

Oh Johnny. I feel my new hat coming :slight_smile:

(Geoff McCabe) #9

Thanks for taking the time to write all this out.

  1. Yes, I think you’re right we need to hire someone for this. Edwina is the obvious choice but she’s always got other tasks too and I was concerned this could take all her time.

  2. Incentives… yes this is the part that takes a lot of work I think to get everyone “paid.” Sending a t-shirt to someone takes a lot of work so the easiest is just sending DIVI to people. But I think you’re right… a little incentive can help but then we have to not only track everything but double check that everyone actually did what they said they did which is more work. It becomes a full bounty program. The thing about crypto is that if you’re a holder, you have a natural incentive to want your coin to succeed so I was hoping that would be enough for a core Divi Crew team who want this project to really succeed in a spectacular way.

  3. Tracking - I’m not sure where you got the impression I didn’t want to track. My plan was to put everyone and everything into a Google doc and track it all. I still think that’s the best way to do this so everyone can see the past tasks and get caught up. Plus of course everyone can see if people are slacking… If we’re going to have someone double check that everyone did their tasks then this is important.

  4. In the Wallet - this would be ideal if it could be tied to a reward structure that just needs approval by the taskmaster, to make it easy to pay everyone who’s doing their chores. When there’s a notifications panel, we can be sure to add links and remind people to participate. Monetizing this automatically with the wallet would seem like a good idea but seems like it could/would be abused.

  5. Yes thanks again!

  6. Recognition. Yes, very important and we can do this in many ways as you suggested. Mentions in our videos and on our website, in updates, etc. Most people like a little praise when they’ve been helping. And yeah, the beta testers are rock stars, that’s for sure.

  7. Leveling up… yes another good idea. Lots of things to think about here.

  8. Meet Ups. Yes. Very important and it would do wonders for us if everyone who was already a fan went to their local meetup to do a presentation or pass out fliers or something. Especially when we have the MOCCI, there are going to be a few newbies at every meetup who can be told about masternodes and our unique setup process that’s easy for them.

(Johnny401View) #10

You’re very welcome. They key to #8 is developing a media kit to make it super easy for anyone to go to their local meetups armed with the right info. There’s some huge meetups in LA/SF. Might be a good opportunity for Nick after redemption. Obviously his time is a premium.

(Johnny401View) #11

@geoff @edwinab Please watch this video:

Most of their actions are automated, I like Geoff’s idea of a taskmaster validating people are doing their submissions correctly. Imagine seeing all of this in the wallet. :slight_smile:


Smoke network handled this community involvement quite well. When I’d log in to their portal each day, there were specific tasks I’ve was able to do to earn points. I’d receive summary emails.

After redemption and human readable addresses, I think this is one of the most important item to get into the wallet.