[Divi Crew] Feature Idea Feedback Discussion Thread

(Nick Saponaro) #1


For those who don’t know, The Divi Crew split into four teams, and they have put their heads together to come up with some fantastic ideas for improvements and features for the Divi ecosystem. In this thread, I will provide feedback on each team’s thoughts and pick my favorites. Let’s discuss!


Divi Stable Coin and Whatsapp/Other Messenger Support

Believe it or not, we have discussed creating a stable coin to support merchant adoption. The most common rebuttal I hear from merchants when it comes to accepting crypto as a payment method always relates to volatility. That said, this is a very delicate endeavor as the tokenomics have to be perfect. Otherwise, the same issues with instability exist. We all remember when Tether went down to $0.88, right?

One Divisionary made this quote:

A secondary Divi coin or partnership with something like TUSD that is locked to 1USD and is physically backed by USD stored in a bank account or trust. (Ie. Coins are minted and burnt via smart contract, so the amount of Divi stable coins = the amount of USD in the account at all times or TUSD/similar ecosystem is used/integrated).

A partnership would certainly accelerate things.

As for messenger support, I think @TheVoice’s TipBot is an excellent place to start as you can add it to any group in Telegram. Why not throw the Divi TipBot into your favorite channel and start sending some $DIVI around?

I would love to integrate payments into all messengers, sort of like Apple Pay (and more recently, Venmo) have text options. In the meantime, our text-to-send feature that will be launching with the mobile wallet will provide similar functionality.


Subscription/reoccurring payment system

As some of you know, we have this planned already. With the implementation of Hash Time-Locked Contracts (HTLCs), we will finally be able to provide this feature.

Divi Insights

Daily Divi / Gamification of Divi mobile wallet

The Insights gave a breakdown of how this feature set would work. I will respond to each aspect individually.

  • Implement features into the mobile wallet (ex. Newsfeed, polls, bounties) to encourage daily use (think Snapchat streaks).

I think a news feed aggregator would be a great idea. We could also use it to disseminate information about Divi, much like the Announcements Channel on Telegram. Keeping everything within the branded ecosystem should always be the goal.

  • Flash bounties that are only available for a limited time (5 minutes - 1 hour) and must be initiated from inside the wallet.

Interesting concept. I have always been on the fence about bounties because they attract a lot of people that collect coins for the sole purpose of dumping them. That said, a feature like this would open more people’s eyes to our technology. I suppose its a tradeoff that needs to we can address accordingly.

  • Bounties that have specific requirements in order to qualify. You must hold x number of divi in your wallet to qualify. Or you need to have received x number of staking rewards to qualify.

This solution would at least deter the “bounty hunters” I mentioned above. Great idea!

  • Retweet streaks. There could be one tweet a day highlighted in the wallet that should be retweeted. If a user retweets the daily tweet 7 days in a row they receive a reward. If they keep the streak going the reward increases.

Super cool. Integration with Twitter’s API could likely verify the RT has occurred.

Divi Pay

The Divi Pay idea is a way for user’s to pay for their goods in the physical world by tapping their phone.

Divi Pay is a great idea and something we do plan on creating down the road — lots to do before we get there, though.


Divi Smart Stats (in-wallet statistics)

As a huge fan of analytics and visual data, I think this would be a great idea because I know I’m not alone. Lots of folks, especially crypto enthusiasts, enjoy tracking their earnings and other ecosystem stats this way.
It would be cool to see not only personal stats but stats throughout the network as well. @geoff talks about doing a map of all the nodes quite a bit.

As @JakstarNo1 put it,

A better name for the statistic could be Divi Insights :slight_smile: - even though I know that name is taken

Final thoughts

Wow, guys and gals, these ideas are well thought out, and there are some cool innovations here. I appreciate your effort in creating this feature idea pallet. The Divi Crew makes the Divi community that much more special and the lengths you go to improve the ecosystem are inspiring.

I had a professor once who said:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

This quote rings especially true here. We will always go further as a team!

Keep up the incredible work and let’s keep cranking out ideas, posts, tasks, and building Divi up to its maximum potential!

– Nick

P.S. if you are reading this and you’re not from the Divi Crew, but you want to be, reach out to @RobertSZ on Telegram to join.



“* Flash bounties that are only available for a limited time (5 minutes - 1 hour) and must be initiated from inside the wallet.”

Each week, a new mobile game app is selected and whoever submits a valid screenshot with the highest score overall, wins the prize.

Or it could be art on the phone


(Ben) #3

some great ideas there. go crack the whip and get tipbot back up :joy:

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(Jared Busby) #4

I wish I had realized that a payment feature was already in the works. Divi has so many neat things going on it is hard to keep track of everything!


(Ermes Volpato) #5

Really exciting stuff coming up for Divi the team is steering this project in the right direction

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These ideas will definitely take Divi to the highest level

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