Divi Crew - (Community Engagement Rewards) pronounced 'sir'

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@edwinab @geoff Divi Crew - (Community Engagement Rewards) pronounced ‘sir’


Please read ‘Divi Crew - Lets use it or lose it’ first for context.

  • Similar automated system approach as Smoke.ai in Wallet
  • Taskmaster should be able to see who accomplished what tasks at any given time
  • Tasks should be allowed fixed timers for completion deadlines
  • System should highlight top contributors automatically
  • Taskmaster should be able to delegate responsibility (ex: limited power mods)
  • User should be able to clearly see items such as

Number of points acquired
Number of points needed for next incentive
Tasks still pending

  • A chance for someone to earn their first Divi without us having to resort to ineffective faucets
  • We should create incentives for people to run their own minigroups… pinging their own people to get tasks done
  • We could have incentive type coins. Could be implemented a number of different ways. For example, maybe people earn these that they MUST give to someone else that’s making a difference in the system.
  • We could eventually add a reputation system that encourages people not to spam
  • Bonus tasks that show up for immediate action but higher incentive
  • Users should have to either spend x amount of time in the system and/or y amount of tasks to have access to article writing type assignments
  • Tab could be something like ‘Earn Divi’
  • Might want to consider taking some of the Platform reserved rewards, create a MN to help fuel this project
  • I’d like to be able to set a limit on how many people can participate in a specific reward before it grays out (ex: 5 people responding to a Bitcointalk thread so it’s not spamming but informative)
  • Easy ‘Invite a Friend’ option
  • Tasks could also include items like testing features or developing marketing ideas
  • Make it easy for people to get involved in local meetups. Provide guidance, media kit, and nice rewards for proof of participation
  • Some type of level-up where people earn rewards quicker the more positive contributions they present
  • Notification panel (option to toggle on/off)
  • Verification (social media account for example) so automated tasks aren’t abused
  • In Slashdot’s system, people are given mod points (use it or lose it) to upvote quality posts. Bitcointalk has a similar but different approach.
  • Scoreboards are always fun. We need to make sure we don’t lose the fun aspect of this project. It shouldn’t feel like work.
  • Wallet should be active for x amount of days for access to some of the bigger rewards to cut down on abuse.
  • Ability for users to recommend future tasks. If chosen, they receive some type of reward.
  • Easy Taskmaster/Mod system to add tasks.
  • Video tutorial for users and taskmaster/mod

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Kickin it. :slight_smile:

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@edwinab @geoff I believe the items I’ve listed above would allow us to start mapping out an actual design spec. If you see anything additional you want to add/remove, please add your thoughts below. This will obviously be an ongoing process, however, I’d like to get something put together for a rev 1.

@geoff If you tell me it’s a priority after redemption, I’ll put the time/effort in with Edwina to outline a proposed design doc. I mean committed bandwidth with Michael and Nick to get this baby implemented.

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I will work on what the design proposal looks like as I find time throughout the weekend. I don’t have a lot of time, but will pop on this thread as I can over the next 3-4 days. @edwinab


Phase 1

Tab = Rewards

When the user clicks the rewards tab, they are brought to a screen that briefly describes how the Community Engagement Rewards system works. 2-3 sentences with a video below it detailing the process.

There needs to be a sign-up process that asks for the following information:


The user needs to know that their information is to combat abuse of the program. Their personal details will not be shared. They should be encouraged to provide as much information as possible.

If the auditor needs additional information, they will contact them through email. If accepted, they will receive a welcome message through email (or possibly the wallet?).

Their username/password will allow them to access their specific portal which will provide a dashboard highlighting their performance. For phase 1, the stats should be kept to an absolute minimum:

  • How many tasks are available
  • How many total were completed
  • How many points total have been earned

Below the stats will be a box (should have a similar design/color feel of the overall wallet) that will have a list of tasks. Here’s an example from Smoke Network.

<< Insert Pic >>

There needs to be a designer system that allows the taskmaster to quickly create new tasks.


  1. If the user writes an article, there needs to be a dialog box where they can supply a link for the article.

  2. If the user is required to to like/comment on a facebook page, there needs to be an option for that user to login from the wallet and have it reflected as completed when they finish the process automatically.


Work should not feel like work either.

But if you dont love your job it does.

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@geoff @edwinab After redemption (of course), the most fundamental question you need to figure out with the development team concerning Divi Crew is the following:


What is the most effective way to store the data for this type of project? Approved users will have a portal available to them (log-in) that will show their available tasks and which tasks they accomplished. This data needs to be saved somewhere The taskmaster will assign tasks daily which needs to hit all portals.

Is it saved on Masternodes? Is it combined in the existing Divi blockchain? Is it stored in the cloud?

I recommend we don’t make it easy for people to clone this system. This should be unique to Divi.


This is a huge crypto use case. It goes beyond basic governance voting on proposals, this system is designed to let people actively protect their investment with their creativity and expertise. People will be incentivized to bring in new talented people to help participate. Any user, no matter their level of experience, can make a positive impact to the Divi Project under 30 seconds.

Heck, we could even give them an option to watch a quick Divi promo video, answer a few questions to demonstrate they say it, and place them in a drawing for like $500.


Once we’re passed redemption, comfortable core functions are working properly and human readable addresses are implemented, I’d be happy to create a document that summarizes everything we spoke about up until this point.

I would ask the founders have a meeting to specifically discuss this document and the feasibility of implementation. That’s my ask.


You really want to grab people’s attention? Have a component that people can upload some type of proof they participated in charity actions (would need limits, think through abuse of the system etc). Now you have a LOT of people interested in the wallet.

Give them the ability to upload pics/docs as proof. An example might be for them to talk about it in their FB page (that we already validated). Give them the option to allow you to share those great deeds. Highlight in the wallet, when you give weekly updates etc.

Do good, join Divi.

I don’t think additional features past tweaking the wallet (ex: Masternode info), mobile, on/off ramps and human readable is going to attract people that aren’t already interested. Divi Crew and Charity through the wallet are just screaming viral potential.

Final Thoughts - Guidance 401View
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@geoff What I do ask, if you decide to develop this system into the Diviwallet, please credit 401View in the wallet docs.