DIVI-A Digital Money for Mass Use



Muy buen amigo , sigue subiendo contenido!

We just need to keep updating the software.

great job

Good job mate :wink:

Wow, nice work my friend, waiting for more:clap:

I like this a lot. Here are a few CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms…

1)“A digital money for mass use”. Lose the “A”. Maybe make the white outline less white
2) “most lucrative problem” sounds like its not a problem in english. Lucrative is a good thing, it means profitable. So lucrative problem is an oxymoron. Not sure of a good fix, perhaps “solve the hardest problem in crypto: mass adoption”
3) “those who now avoid it, and now they consider” is odd phrasing. Perhaps “…to those who now avoid it because they consider it too technical, uninteresting, and terrifying”