Discord server for DIVI

This is not about the site but it’s the closest category I could find. Have you ever considered using Discord for connecting DIVI community members? A large number of coins/projects are already active there.

We used to have a discord server…actually we still do, technically, but it’s not used at all. Most of the community appeared to prefer telegram so it’s not really officially supported. Have you joined us on telegram yet?

Thanks for letting me know. I was aware of the announcement channel on Telegram but not the open one. Will look that up. Surprised that Discord was not popular. Telegram is practically useless after a certain number of users (intelligent discussions are not possible because there are too many messages). A threaded forum such as this one (or Discord) is a must in my view.

Feel free to join us here https://t.me/diviproject

We have many intelligent discussions! It’s truly a community like no other that I’ve seen in crypto.