Cryptopia down!


It would be nice if Divi Project provided a link to that other exchange, where DIVI is already listed. I myself used to be a user of Cryptopia, They are saying they’ll be back soon. But being out of order for several consecutive days is a damming situation for any cryptocurrency exchange. And featuring a dead link is bad for Diviproject’s professional image.

This seems like a pretty big deal too, considering Crypropia used to be the only significant place for trading DIVI. I Wonder just how is this going to influence the price of DIVI.

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From Nick’s post on telegram:

ATTN RE: the recent Cryptopia Security Breach

We have reached out to our points of contact at Cryptopia to get a better perspective on exactly what is happening there, whether funds are recoverable, and how much DIVI and/or DIVX has been commandeered.

We will re-open KYC processing later this afternoon (PST), however until more information is clearly distributed about the status of DIVX and DIVI on Cryptopia, we will only run manual redemptions. Reach out to @EdwinaBe or email [email protected] for more information.

As for trading DIVI, we recommend using one of our other exchange partners:

We will do our best as a team to provide liquidity on these exchanges.

We will keep the community updated as any developments arise.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.


Gee, why does this shit always happen at the turn of the year.
It was Nice Hash in 2017/2018. And now, in the early 2019, it’s Cryptopia.

Got any good conspiracy theories, anyone?


You can always get markets listed at CMC for any crypto.

Divi definitely needs to add more exchanges. Binance would be a great option.

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So would powerball. :slight_smile:


How about Crypto Bridge which is a DEX?