Crowdwriting: Why Your Business Should Accept DIVI

(Geoff McCabe) #1

I need your help coming up with ideas for why people should accept DIVI. This article is written with the short term in mind. Cryptos aren’t much used for transactions now so I don’t want to pretend this is going to be a big money maker for them, but there are other reasons. Keeping this in mind, what motivations do business owners have to spend their resources and time adding a smaller, newer crypto like DIVI to their website over the next several months?

This article would mainly be to help me personally sell the idea to people I know in various industries, especially travel but also a few more:

Accept payments worldwide.

Near instant transactions with near zero fees.

New revenue stream

Piggyback on Divi’s Press Releases

Coolness/relevance: Be the first in your industry to accept cryptocurrencies

Start learning cryptos now so you’re up to speed when this new tech really takes off

Target millenials, a rapidly growing market segment, and by far the biggest fans of cryptocurrencies.

(Iron Man) #2

As you said : Being the first to adopt crypto currency is a very cool thing. If we are right and crypto is the future, these companies are going to shine because they had balls to try.

I would also say, even if they accept Divi, at the beginning it will be a low percentage of their payment. So maybe they will prefer to use their dollars as usual and keep their Divi sleeping and wait for a rise in price, which can be easy profit for them.
« It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed » so they should at least try, they could be paid in peanuts, balloons, flowers. Why not in Divi ? If it represents the amount they ask for in USD.

It can also bring them new type of customers. I would be happy to afford a trip with Divi.


Have you heard how the companies dealing with payments became opinionated and political? VISA refusing to process payments for certain people or groups, PayPal reportedly refusing to process payments for certain items, Patreon deplatforming certain people for their political views?

This is a huge oportunity for DIVI; Crowd funding. Money transfers. Patronage. DIVI is the currency of freedom. Every person, and every legal business can use it. Don’t be dependent on whims of others. With DIVI you are your own banker. World’s finest technology at your disposal.