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Hey everybody,

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

Saw this interview with a Monero guy and they have great success with their crowdfunding platform.

I know we have talked about something like that but we could use Monero’s crowdfunding model as an inspiration.

I will gladly throw 100.000 Divi at something meaningful.

It could even be @nicksaponaro giving free Divi to the participants of conferences. Just like 500-1000 Divi a person. 100.000 Divi would cover whole 1000-2000 People. That suddenly is part of Divi! Now they can tell and show others their first Cryptocurrency - Divi ( we elegantly skipped them ever touching BTC there ). We all remember our first BTC- and they will never forget their first Crypto - Divi. And many of them will buy more. That is likely one of the best and cheapest ways of mass adoption. Take them into crypto literally. Even Coinbase has begun doing this with their “earn crypto for free” program.

Monero on their crowfounding platform thhat has been a big succes for years:

@Michael @geoff


You know it could make a good promotion, if DIVI project would demonstrate the usefulness of the DIVI tech by organizing a well prepared, well though-through and well published crowdfunding event. Ideally for something like charity, which isn’t going to turn anybody away with unnecessary politics and stuff flike that.

Show the use. Sell the tool.

I would be careful with simply giving DIVI away. You must ensure you have their active interest and get them to actively use their 1,5-3$ worth of DIVI. And then buy more; Or else most would simply forget and abandon their wallets and their DIVI like an unwanted ad leaflet.

One of the main fears associated with all cryto promotions is the fear of being scammed.

I’ve heard about portals granting Bitcoin to their users in the early 2010. Some participants have since forgot their free mail account passwords. Today they regret it since now their Bitcoins would be worth plenty of money :wink:

And to give 1000 DIVI to 1000 ppl each, you’ll need one million DIVI. A Golden Masternode,


Crowdfounding = a big bunch of divi sold into fiat. And it wont make people hold or buy divi. Yeah it shows you can convert divi into fiat but that is fact and not something we need to demostrate.

Giving away for crowdfunding VS to intelligent blockchain interested people with high education and big success in their field is not the same. These people already own Bitcoin and other cryptos most likely or is on the edge to buy crypto. It is these people we want to help take the “first step” into crypto and Divi. When first they have read the Divi whitepaper and hold Divi the goal is they will spread the word about Divi and crypto in general.

It is nothing like what you talk about. You talk about the past. When crypto as a word and market did not even exist. 2010, omg that is way back. NOBODY KNEW ABOUT BITCOIN BACK THEN. And it was kinda useless junk easy to hack and manipulate back then. No where you could use bitcoin other than the black market if even that back then. Far from the product/service we got today. You cant compare bitcoin 2010 and 2018.

Today everybody knows your crypto can 100x and you wont see a repeat of that scale of lost keys.

What you also forget that forgotten keys to 1 million usd worth crypto = free media attention worldwide

And even if the Bitcoin/Divi is “lost” it just increases the value of those who are left in circulation :sunny:

If you are going to Give Divi out. Then for god sake give it to those with the connections/education/network/money/power to take Divi and crypto to the next level. Not to randoms who throw it away as you talk about. That is correctly pointed out by you - useless/failed marketing.

We want to avoid that. And to dump the price with no return in form of new Divi hodlers.

As I see it 1 million Divi is equal to 1 million USD in 10 years. Just for perspective. And Divi should be seen like that. “Its weight worth in gold” just like Bitcoin.

But some people are so “important” or let’s call it “well connected” and can bring/will you success if you can get them on board that is why they are 1 million usd worth to get on board.

For crypto and Divi’s sake, we must get them on board and they are at the big conferences.

Have a nice Divi day :wink:



I actually like the idea Dash and Divi have used that is much like what I talk about.

Where they buy Divi/Dash at the conference and use it to buy drinks and food.

Lets say it cost 1000 usd to enter and you get Divi valued 200 usd to buy food and drinks.

What Divi they dont end up using that night they can save for the future and show to friends, family, co-workers :wink:

Crypto is young, I have realised that altcoins gain adoption in the same rate as Bitcoin/ the whole space.

But the coins that bring the best services and higest trust to the table will become a success.

Success = to me is top 100 crypto in the world in 10 years. When the market cap is in trillions.

When that happens our lives will be different, we wont ever need money again if we own a gold masternode or better. That have grown to like 5 gold nodes in 10 years. Try calculate the yearly earnings with 5 gold masternodes at 15% ROI a year when Divi is 1 usd worth. That is 750.000 usd a year.

And the world will be more free than it have been for around 50 years.

Trust me, when fiat is dead and crypto is the primary currency in the world.

We will be truely free.

And world peace will be closer than ever.

This is the reason I wake up every day: To 1. Become a billionare so I can gain ultimate personal freedom. 2. Help bringing world peace, love and harmony to this world.

I know exactly how the perfect world looks like. And how to build it. But we need to overthrow the current system first. By cutting the money supply that fund all this evil doing as a start.

Your true friend




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  3. I know I can/have been rude, arrogant, personal, and the likes in my writings at times. I apologize. And i’am working on it. But it is hard. I feel i’m more my true self behind a pc or alone than in person. And to me what most people write is so logically wrong - to me. That I get frustrated that people can write such silly things. And let my frustrations/emotions take over hehe.

Emotions are hard to learn to control. They are automatic and are controlled in the “caveman” part of the brain. Also where instincts lie. Fear, greed, joy, sadness, hungriness, hornyness. You can learn to change your emotional patterns/habbits. You could say that your brain/body got one will and you got your will, and you have to fight your bodys will and win. To change your self. But it is a long journey. Takes a lot of hard work. Most people on planet earth also will never learn or do this. But the 5%'ers do it. And the 1%'ers. People like me, The boss of any big company, The Divi Team, Politicians, the top gurus in crypto, the elite of wall street and so on. Learn to take control over your life through pure will power and you can get anywhere you wish. The trick is to find the source/sources of unending motivation. So even when everybody else stops - you keep going.