Creating a platinum MN on friday

Expected behavior

—getting rewards

Actual behavior

—getting no rewards

Operating system

  • [ ] Mac OSX
  • [ ] Windows 10
  • [ ] Windows 8/8.1
  • [ ] Linux Ubuntu 16.04
  • [ ] Linux Ubuntu 18.04
  • [ ] Linux Debian
  • [ ] Other UNIX/Linux distribution

Detailed reproduction steps

—starting a masternode on Friday and since then the note is running, but rewards for the time being . What is the problem ?

As long as it’s running and says started then it’s just a matter of time. If you wanna make sure you can always join our telegram and use our tipbot to verify it’s running or alternatively, if you post the masternode address in here I can check for you.

Also bear in mind the first ~30 hours a new masternode isn’t eligible for any rewards. I also have a spreadsheet with reward estimates here:

THank you for reply. My MN address:

Kind regards, Oliver

Can you please copy and paste that?