Copper Node vs Staking


I’ve been wondering would I’d be better off if ill keep my PC on in sleep mode 24/7 while running the DIVI app and leave the divis in my wallet up for staking, rather than starting a copper node, considering the fee for cloud service, which is 15$ AFAIK? (how is it being deducted, BTW?) The larger nodes may be a different story, considering the bonus in block rewards as well as the increased chance of winning the lottery.

(Johnny401View) #2

It’s free right now to host MNs through Divi 1click.

(Baldy) #3

you can no stake if the machine is asleep. The screen can be off, but the computer must not be asleep.

As mentioned above there is currently no fee.

I wrote a whole article about rewards. It should help you make your decision.


Thanks a lot! This helps. So I will configure my PC so that it is low power mode but awake in order to make the most of the loose DIVIs. Maybe something like Raspberry Pi would be the best platform for that.

You know i hear in some countries cryptocurrency mined on your own PC is tax free whereas mining through third party server is treated as a taxable service. This might become relevant in the future.


I found an error in those figures.

I’ve got a silver Masternode running, which paid nothing since Dec 12th. That’s more then twice the 66.6 hour maximum!


Have you ever tried to throw a cuble with numbers on. ( I dont know the english name ) a dice I think is. And that it up to 4 times in a row hit the same number? Have you tried for like 20 dice throws to not hit even twice the same number in a row?

Like you have. Because that is how randomness works. Totally unpredictable. But if you run some math calculations you can say if you throw the dice like 1000 times you should about xx times hit a double 1,2,3,4,5,6 and xx times 3x 1,2,3,4,5,6 and so on. The more times you throw the dice the closer the prediction comes to truth.

Same with masternodes.

After mine masternodes have been running my nr. 2 masternode got a 10% higher ROI than mastermode 1.

It started the other way around. It is funny. But that is how randomness works.

You can win 5 times in a row and then lose 5 times in a row even with a 50% win chance XD

I have tried this a lot with many things in life. Do not let it bother you. That is the Rules of Life. This rule of randomness is all around you in your everyday life. You just did not know before now. And I just invented new knowledge by answering your post. Life is funny.

Have a nice day.


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As Confucius wrote, that isnt the way it works. My figures are averages of a LOT of data. Any one bit of data may show staking rates twice as fast or twice as slow. Thats why they are printed as 75% of the stake come in faster than one interval, and 90% of them come in a longer interval.

A silver node not paying out for 6 days is not absurd. If you want to compare your average returns against the article, you will probably have to run it for a year.