Connecting 3+ Billion 'unbanked' by nonosatellite

I have something that might be worth exploring as a ‘use case’ for Divi. It involves the adoption of Divi into the equatorial belt, specifically 15° above and below the equator.

This takes in large areas of Africa (sub Sahara), South America and SE Asia where literally some 3 x billion poor ‘unbanked’ people live.

Although many of these people have mobile phones, reception can be bad or simply non-existent. Charges are normally VERY high especially when compared to their income.

So here’s the drum. ………………

Offer these people a mobile phone capable of interconnecting with a constellation of ‘nano satellites’.

On each mobile phone provided will be a Divi app that allows the interconnection and exchange of Divi tokens. An initial number of Divi tokens can be included with each phone.

These tokens can be used to initiate and continue a commercial operation between phone holders. This has NEVER been possible before.

This can initiate literally millions of very small money making enterprises that create not only an income, but generates self-esteem and purpose among those who never had a chance before now.

A suitable smart phone can be sourced ‘off-the-shelf’ for less than $10 or specifically manufactured to suit basic Divi transaction, text and voice calls and messaging.

A $1 dollar phone is possible – with advertising built in to cover costs -

No need to get lost in specifics here at this stage. Suffice to say, I reckon this is a perfect fit for Divi.

The satellite company that can make this happen is in an incubation phase. 3 x test nano sats have been launched and tested. Despite hitching a ride on a rocket that deployed them into a ‘polar’ instead of an ‘equatorial’ orbit, tests have all passed – voice, message and text. The main structure is there for a crypto / block chain marriage.

Multiple MOU’s have been established by the company with potential customers within this equatorial.

The company, “Sky and Space Global” is listed on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange)

Their website

This link for latest investor presentation.[Latest investor presentation]

some short videos -[Also watch these short videos]


Peter King
Peter@Hodler.Guru - +61416220353 - Adelaide, South Australia

Hi Peter,

I believe this is a very interesting idea.

I have followed the market for nano satellites for a couple of years now and invested in the Danish Company GomSpace that delivers the nano satellites. There was a hick up with Sky and Space Global who was not able to get the funds for a big order of nano satellites.

Are you in the now about SSG now and how their current financial situation is?
There will be plenty of players in the nano satellite market and we are still very early (just like crypto). This would be a huge undertaking and something that must be timed it correctly with the company that is most likely to succeed.

We are very early in both fields

Hi Jakstar,

I was a major holder but sold out when I realized they were having problems. Management is not the right mix. A new ‘controlling’ management is needed for this to succeed IMO!. The company has some very disruptive technology, but I fear others are closing in on them.

Regardless, the principle remains the same and can be achieved via other nano-sat companies i.e. put a cheap ‘smart’ phone in the hands of the ‘un-banked’ with tokens for them to use for basic trading / commercial enterprise.

Small towns / villages can even contribute to running a node. This could help generate funding to local projects… without the need for a costly and inefficient public service / local govt option.

Very early … absolutely. The time to cement a position in both technologies, is now.