Community social media ideas

(Johnny) #1

I’d like to start a group to discuss ideas on how we as a community can help promote Divi throughout the world once mainnet goes live.

Pull our heads and come up with ideas, share contacts, discuss marketing tactics, create and share infograpics and more.

Together as a community we can help Divi become adopted all over the world.


Really good idea.

There are so many ways to help The Divi Project get known.

Websites about divi or linking to divi, forums, youtube videos, tutorials, writing emails to anyone important in and outside the crypto space, irl crypto/divi education - could be at schools, highschools, universitites, big companies, with a powerpoint, get on to tv shows or radio show and tell about divi and all the cool selling points and how it will change the world, talk to shops irl and talk them into accepting divi, start divi irl clubs, and tons more :slight_smile:

(Nick Saponaro) #3

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