Coin control features


Hello, really like the wallet interface, but I think it would be nice to add coin control features like any other wallet out there. There is no way with current wallet to select from which address you want to send your coins, or to split UTXO for better staking, choose a custom change address and so on.
What do you guys think about it?

(~ Node of the Realm ~) #2

Pretty sure what you are suggesting is in the pipeline. You may have noticed that the functionality you are mentioning is already built into the core, and can be done/executed from the cli or command console. But, yes you are right, eventually it’ll make it into a user friendly bit of the interface. Great suggestions though :+1:


Well, unfortunately not everyone can do those stuff through the cli. For example, right now I would like to “merge” all my coins that spreaded into different change addresses into a single one (for better staking), and I’m litteraly going crazy trying to do it with the console. I hope they will push out a coin control feature update soon


A simple dashboard of settings would be nice. I would like my wallet to be the same colour as this forum for example - call it Divi Dark

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At the moment I can create separate addresses for different things. So that is nice. But I can not choose to send from those addresses specifically. On the addresses screen, I would like to see the balance at that address, if I control the address. Or, show the balance at any address, but indicate whether or not I control it.