Charity, but not official

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So I was thinking about our conversation in the other thread regarding the change in percentages…and the comparison to government is pretty much 1:1 except for one thing - individual donations. In the world we live today, you have government taking a certain portion of the money and deciding what to spend it on; The Divi Foundation for all intents and purposes is that government(although I’ll take the divi foundation over the government any day of the week :)). Then, you have those who prefer that the government doesn’t allocate the funds; rather, leave more money in our pockets, and we will choose who to give it to, instead donating a share of our income. Call it utopic, this is not meant to be a political post but just explaining the idea behind it.

So I was thinking, in addition to the official divi charity fund, might it be possible to have a fund for those of us who choose to donate a share of our masternode income for specific purposes. Unlike the official charity which is more general, here each person will get to pick what they are donating to(just like the real life situation/example). So, if I decide I want to donate to a homeless shelter, I transfer X amount of funds to a certain address that belongs to that shelter. This will require some legwork of course; In particular, getting the addresses set up for all the organizations or institutions which will wish to partake. Another option, not exactly trustless since the team will then be in charge of making sure it reaches the right place and will need to be transparent and perhaps provide proof, is to transfer it to one specific address, and then it can go from there.

The main principle behind it is instead of selling and converting to FIAT, we keep everything within the ecosystem which will strengthen the ecosystem. Also, the team might have better resources as far as OTC goes, or the places or people that are receiving the donations might want to keep it in crypto, it could also be a good way to introduce them to crypto.

The person donating the funds can choose anywhere they want it to go, including simply funneling it right into the official divi charity fund as well. just some food for thought.


I was thinking more what @geoff said in the block reward thread about “Charity Masternodes”. To find a way to lock up masternodes so the collateral that a masternode requires can’t be spent… so the charity masternodes owners can have a continual passive income.

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Well those are two different things really. The Charity masternodes are a part of the official charity, which I also support. But here I am talking about providing people the option to, within the ecosystem(without having to use fiat) donate to a place or person of their choosing. No vote, you choose who you are giving how much to, and divi will have the mechanism for it to happen. You could choose to donate to the divi charity, or to another organization, or a person within the ecosystem, etc

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I’m familiar with this approach. At one of my jobs, I have a percentage automatically deducted each paycheck to specific charities.


I think, People think too much about not selling divx into fiat…

It is all about getting more people to buy Divi than is selling Divi long term. It is like this with any currency in the world. Dont focus on Divi into fiat, focus on making Fiat POURING into Divi.

And I suggest stop using The Divi Project and Government in the same sentence. Instead use the word “Business” or “Company” Because that is what The Divi Project is more than anything else.

The Divi Project has nothing to do with Government.

I have to clarify this because it is nonsense.

The Divi Project is ultimately a Business where the service is a currency. And nothing else. The company aims to make its currency 100% decentralized yes and all that is in the whitepaper and roadmap yes. But Not A Government.

I know @oriz123 gets offended now, but this has to end. You can not use the government card just because people have to share a cake. Then a Company sharing the profit is also a Government. Anything with economics and shares is a Government with such a mindset.

The Divi Project is a Company and we the Investors are…the investors like in a normal company. The founders are the board of administration. They have the last say.

The founders are Warren Buffet, and we are the investors at the annual meeting. The End.


On a side note I like the option to donate a %% of Divi minted.

I in the past suggested the option to donate %% minted coins to the treasury. For marketing, hire new staff and all the rest. - In reality it is a investment in Divi = a investment into your own investment. Like share buy backs.

For charity is also a good idea. But again, most charity money goes to administration costs so we should only pick organisations who work 100% for free imo.

Full time paid staff and charity does not belong in the same sentence if you ask me. Or millions in salary for the higest chef in the “charity” organisation.

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Oriz doesn’t get offended, period. lol

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In the wallet, have somewhere where people can upload proof that they took actions in their community to benefit local charities (Yes, we would need to really think through how to avoid abuse). You spent an hour loading food on to trucks? Snap a few pics and/or upload a few docs. Also give them the option to allow you to post their great deeds in the wallet to highlight their awesomeness… speak about them in Divi updates etc.

This type of approach, if done right, has the potential to get everyone talking.

This could further be developed with the ability of these people to also get tipped. We could encourage them to post their good deeds to Youtube etc…

Sending Divi to charities that they need to convert to fiat is not only a pain in the ass, it adds sell pressure. With this system, people can earn tickets to drawings while also serving their community.

We find a way to also make it fun? Watch out. In later versions, we can implement reputation scores and reddit like voting for bonuses.